You Are Losing Thousands in Taxes - with Tyler McBroom - EP 274

Tyler McBroom is back for a timely episode as we are now in the 4th quarter of 2022, and it’s time to make sure you have your business finances in order before the year ends. A lot of business owners don’t know that they could be saving thousands of dollars in taxes every year by being aware of various tax codes. By becoming educated, preparing, and even working with a tax professional like Tyler, you could be keeping a lot more of your money. Owning a business is not just about how much money your business can make, but how much you actually get to keep.

Tyler McBroom is a CPA, tax professional, international speaker, and #1 bestselling author. His mission is to help business owners everywhere grow their profits while paying as little tax as legally possible. Whether it's discussing tax strategies or the fundamentals of business, Tyler has a passion for teaching others and does so through books such as his first release and #1 bestseller, "Cash Flow and Grow", as well as across his various social media channels.

In this episode, Tyler addresses some myths and misconceptions surrounding taxes, such as “why should I make more money if I’ll just be taxed more?” and the also common “rich people don’t pay taxes” thought. Tyler shares some tools you can use to budget and allocate money, the politics of taxes, and a lot of tax tips that you might not have ever heard of, but can save you a lot of money in the upcoming tax season. Tune in, takes notes, and start planning to finish 2022 strong.

Key highlights:

  • How much Tyler saves his clients on average
  • Why “profit first” may not work for you
  • Tools you can use to budget and allocate money
  • The difference between CPAs, accountants, and bookkeepers
  • 2 types of tax planning: permanent savings vs. tax deferring
  • The difference between capital gains and personal income tax
  • The politics of taxes
  • Why does the whole world seem to be dealing with inflation?
  • Tyler’s tax tips to save money
  • How you can save money by hiring your kids for your business
  • The Augusta rule: you can rent your house out for 2 weeks a year
  • Tyler’s live event coming up
  • Tyler’s advice for taking the next steps to save money with taxes

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Selling With Integrity - with Shawn French - EP 273


For many of us growing up, it was instilled in us to watch out for salespeople because of the stigma around them that all they want to do is get your money and they don’t actually care about what you want. It is often hard to undo these ideas that were passed down to us as children, but the truth is that real salespeople are not sleazy or just trying to make a sale. A good salesperson knows how to listen to what their customer needs, and can make suggestions based on what is best for the customer and not the salesperson. In this episode, Shawn French shares massive value with tips on how to sell with integrity.

Shawn French is an author and sales performance coach that has had a high level of success in the corporate sales environment. Throughout his career, he has discovered the main driver in his performance over the years. He does what he needs to do on a consistent basis, whereas others give up and go home when things get hard. Shawn's mission is to educate other sales professionals and sales organizations that their habits and intentional activity are paramount in their sales success. Shawn went from broke to high 6-figures in 6 months and now he's on a mission to help others create the same results.

People fail to realize that our entire life is sales and we are constantly selling ourselves whether we realize it or not. Shawn addresses the common objections that salespeople usually get from potential customers, and how to counteract them without being pushy or overwhelming the other person. He says that “no” should not be feared. Not putting yourself out there enough is what you should fear. Don’t be afraid of objections, but instead learn to view them as buying signals and be a great enough active listener that you can counteract their struggles and become someone they can trust to solve their problems.

Key highlights:

  • Why is there a stigma or icky feeling around sales?
  • People fail to realize that our entire life is selling
  • How to handle situations where you are not sure if you can meet their needs
  • Strong characteristics for someone to be in sales
  • If you focus on the activity and not the goal, you will reach success faster
  • How many touches are needed to make a sale?
  • The importance of the follow-up
  • What most people tend to overlook when they get into sales
  • Learn the scripts but make them your own
  • How to overcome objections
  • The importance of active listening to counteract customer struggles
  • How to get invited to bigger rooms
  • What you need to know before trying to get as a guest on someone’s podcast

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Earn Millions & Find Meaning - with Tanner Chidester - EP 272

While earning money, acquiring a large following, and collecting awards is very admirable, the real happiness and significance in life lie in who we surround ourselves with and the meaning in our lives. It is imperative not to lose sight of what is really important in life, such as the freedom to live the lifestyle you want and spend time with the people that matter most. Don’t get so busy chasing accolades and money that you forget about what is truly important in life. Today's guest emphasizes not comparing yourselves to others around you, but instead focusing on your own acceleration and happiness.

Tanner Chidester is the founder & CEO of Elite CEOs and he has generated close to 50 million dollars in sales in the online coaching world. After discovering powerful, repeatable strategies, Tanner’s success went on to disrupt the coaching industry forever. With others wanting to know how he was doing it, Tanner began business coaching on these same strategies and paving the way for simplicity in a traditionally complex online arena. Since then, Tanner’s business has organically evolved into the coaching empire we know today: Elite CEOs. With his team by his side, Tanner is now on a mission to turn as many online coaches as possible into millionaires. In addition, Tanner now owns 3 portfolio companies and is trying to expand into more as he takes the next steps in his business career. He also happens to have grown up in the same small Texas town where Tony was also raised.

In this episode, Tanner shares his journey of growing up in a small town and wanting more for himself. Once he was introduced to the business world, he saw the power of what was possible and how to break the old beliefs around money that he learned growing up. Tanner also dives into the topic of low vs. high ticket offers, and how he grew his social media following. Tune in for more.

Key highlights:

  • Introduction to Tanner and the benefits of growing up in the small town where both he and Tony were raised and went to school
  • How Tanner got introduced to the business world
  • Tanner’s advice to someone that has old beliefs about money
  • Selling low-ticket vs. high-ticket items
  • Tanner’s advice for growing a social following
  • How he made his first million
  • Happiness lies in the progression of growth
  • Don’t compare yourself to others and their growth, just pay attention to your acceleration
  • How to scale your business without sacrificing your family and lifestyle
  • Working more does not equal more success
  • Tony’s near-death experience that put life into perspective
  • Don't pay attention to the critics on the sidelines

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Build Wealth With Real Estate - with Ryan Dossey - EP 271


Real estate is an asset that can be bought for less than what it is currently worth, making it a great opportunity to build your wealth. In this episode, Ryan Dossey explains the idea of “wholesaling” real estate, including what it looks like and how it is different than buying and flipping houses. While he was stuck in a cycle of living paycheck to paycheck, Ryan took a $3,000 investment and turned it into $10,000 in just a few hours of work, and learned the power of wholesaling real estate. Now he coaches others on how to achieve the same success he has found.

Ryan Dossey is the founder of Ballpoint Marketing, Call Porter, and runs a mastermind called Create Cash Flow. Ryan has helped generate Over $50M off-market for real estate investors, clients, and students.

In this episode, Ryan shares his story of having the confidence to jump into real estate with just $3,000 and why he is passionate about helping others build wealth by wholesaling homes.

Key highlights:

  • Going from selling car warranties to real estate
  • Ryan’s advice to get paid for the opportunities that you generate vs. the hours that you put in
  • The meaning of “campaign” in business
  • Why would someone go with Ryan vs. a real estate agent?
  • How not to judge potential clients
  • Ryan's forecast of the real estate market
  • Wholesaling vs. flipping houses
  • Mistakes Ryan sees in the “flip” market
  • Why Ryan decided to vertically integrate his businesses and what that means and looks like
  • How coaches can accelerate your knowledge
  • How to snap out of the mindset of focusing on money
  • Ryan’s advice to get started in real estate or entrepreneurship

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When Social Media is Unsafe - with Kim Karr - EP 269

With the prevalence of cyber bullying and the alarming rate of suicide, especially in young teenagers, it is important that we all become more aware of the detrimental effects of social media. Although bullying has been an issue for all generations, the youth of today are dealing with a different type of bullying that can feel almost impossible to escape from. Avoiding where the bully might hang out, or running to the safety of your home doesn’t work anymore because the bullies can be found all over the devices so many of us are attached to.

In this episode, Tony talks to Kim Karr about the very important work she is doing to combat cyber bullying and educating others on how to be a “digital first responder.” Kim Karr is a co-founder of the non-profit called #ICANHELP where she shows students and adults how to use Digital4Good. #ICANHELP is an effective, outcome-based program, and has received recognition from Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees and major tech companies like Google, Twitter + Facebook. #ICANHELP celebrates youth innovation, empowers digital changemakers and promotes digital safety. Kim has presented the #ICANHELP program to over 470,000 students, has impacted 12.5 million, and has been instrumental in taking down a thousand negative social media sites.

Kim shares why she started her non-profit after 13 years of teaching and why it is so important for everyone to learn how to use social media for good and uplifting others, instead of tearing each other down. So many people don’t know how to respectfully disagree with others or even filter the type of content they are taking in every day. Kim also shares how to talk to youth about using social media in a safer and more productive manner.

Key highlights:

  • How Kim got involved in her mission of teaching others how to use social media appropriately
  • We need to focus on people first and realize their behavior can be an indication of something being wrong
  • The shift that is happening of people wanting realness online
  • The stats of cyberbullying and how depression and anxiety have increased dramatically during COVID
  • 50% of kids are addicted to a device and ADHD is rising
  • Suicide has increased 200% for 10-14-year-olds in recent years
  • We’re not in a mental health crisis, we’re in a mental management crisis
  • Tony’s experience with a bully growing up
  • How to be a digital-first responder
  • What should parents look for to keep their kids safe?
  • We all need to learn how to manage our social media use
  • Freedom of speech shouldn't apply to hurting other people for no reason
  • How Tony forms his opinions based on research and not a knee-jerk reaction
  • Kim’s thoughts on “cancel culture”
  • The algorithm is real - people just see what they want to see and get brainwashed
  • How Tony identifies in politics
  • Polarizing content gets attention and people fall into the trap - you have to be careful with what you consume
  • Not controlling your emotions is a sign of weakness
  • What Kim’s nonprofit helps with
  • Kim’s “Digital For Good” event and how you can get involved to get visibility for your brand

Episode resources:
#ICANHELP free resource guide: Reporting Issues on Social Media & Parent Guidelines on Social Media

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Hard Truth About Coaches - with Mike Claudio - EP 268

The coaching industry sometimes gets a bad rap due to the fake coaches out there, but that is because a lot of coaches are chasing money and not actual impact. So many of them are targeting the wrong audience and can’t deliver the guidance and results that their targeted audience is looking for. Maybe they have the answers to a certain problem but are placing their offer in front of the wrong people, overcharging, and then not delivering. With the industry having a low barrier to entry, there are going to be people out there not operating ethically. This in turn makes them look like a fraud. Operating in ethics and integrity is what separates great coaches from the rest.

In this episode, Tony talks to fellow business coach Mike Claudio all about how to find the right coach for you. Mike Claudio is a husband, father, entrepreneur, speaker, and author who focuses on making an impact with every conversation he has. He is the owner of WinRate consulting, a business coaching and consulting company focused on the construction industry, and the founder of A Champions Shoes, which is a nonprofit with a mission to foster confidence in children by providing new, name-brand shoes to kids all over the country. He is also the host of The Big Stud Podcast, and author of #TooStrong: How to Win Fast and Win Often in a World Full of Obstacles.

Mike and Tony are both coaches that do not shy away from the honest and hard truth of what it takes to build a successful business. Mike has coached over 300 companies successfully by operating with a “help first” mentality and emphasizing the importance of critical thinking and accountability. Tune in to learn the truth about the coaching industry.

Key highlights:

  • Why people don't get big results from a $1000 course
  • Lack of self-awareness is what costs and wastes so much time and money
  • How Tony and Mike attract the right people into their coaching programs
  • How the most effective leaders operate
  • Why the coaching industry gets a bad rap at times
  • Mike’s turning point of when he decided to coach other people in their businesses
  • What makes a great coach?
  • You don't have to have the "normal" business hours of everyone else
  • Tony’s morning routine and why he doesn't work out in the morning
  • Tony’s advice for structuring your day the way that is best for you
  •  Mike explains why coaching costs what it does: It's not about what it costs now, but where you want to be in 12 months
  • How to find the right coach for you

Connect with Mike Claudio:
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Odd People and Awareness - with Kyree Oliver - EP 267


We have all heard the advice, “fake it until you make it”, but there are issues with this mentality because it comes off unauthentic, which in turn makes it difficult for you to get respect. Making genuine connections, building rapport, and being self-aware, is going to take you much further toward your goals. In this episode, Kyree Oliver emphasizes the importance of being authentic in a world full of people being fake.

Kyree Oliver is a former Division-1 football player and current digital marketer/men's coach. He attributes most of his success in business to his ability to understand and empathize with almost anybody in almost any position. This has lead to $100 million in revenue generated from Facebook ads as well as thousands of lives changed through his coaching and speaking. With his interest in human psychology and ability to be very self-aware, he helps other men to settle their souls.

There is much less stress in being who you really are instead of trying to fake your way into certain groups that you think might aid in your success. You won't get the respect of the people you want respect from, because they will know you aren’t being authentic. In this episode, Kyree and Tony talk about the importance of doing the inner work to love and know yourself and create authentic content that will foster rapport and attract genuine connections.

Key highlights:

  • How Kyree got interested in human psychology
  • How Kyree helps men with their masculinity and finding their soul
  • How to tell if a man is full of BS by looking at their wife when they're talking
  • The value of earning your way into rooms with influential people vs. paying to spend time around them
  • Tony and Kyree’s thoughts on unethical coaches
  • The problem with the “fake it until you make it” mentality
  • Don’t burn your integrity for your business
  • How to create authentic content
  • Tony and Kyree’s social media engagement strategy
  • Dealing with negative comments online
  • Knowing if you should join a group or not
  • Becoming self-aware and doing internal work to actually love yourself
  • Find out how people view you

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Why Your Brand Sucks - with David Brier - EP 266


Social media is a very useful tool for attracting your ideal audience and networking, but so many entrepreneurs aren’t using it in the right way and leveraging its power for good. Today’s guest is here to tell us everything we are doing wrong with social media.

David Brier has been called a “mad genius” by the incredible Claude Silver of VaynerMedia, “brilliant with branding” by Shark Tank’s Daymond John, and “a branding genius” by Grant Cardone. David is the recipient of over 330 international awards in design and branding, and he is also the author of the “branding bible,” his #1 Amazon bestselling book, “BRAND INTERVENTION, 33 Steps to Transform the Brand You Have Into the Brand You Need.”

In this episode, David is candid about his thoughts regarding current social media trends, why you should stop being an echo chamber of someone else, and why so many entrepreneurs are focusing on the wrong metrics. David and Tony share how to build authentic relationships and build a network, and why you should stop giving your energy to people on social media that aren’t paying attention to you. With so much noise out there on social media, in this episode, you will get the truth about how you should be using it to build your brand and legacy.

Key highlights:

  • Why David believes people don’t need to be motivated
  • David’s thoughts on current social media trends
  • How not to become an echo chamber of someone else on social media
  • The difference between fame and legacy and why so many entrepreneurs are focusing on the wrong metrics
  • Why you should put positive energy out there and acknowledge people’s positive efforts
  • How Tony built online businesses just by answering people’s questions
  • Why you should stop giving energy to people that aren’t paying attention to you
  • If you want to connect with someone you look up to, build relationship capital first, and don’t ask for something first
  • Who is doing things right on social media and what are they doing?
  • Why you should be focusing on making reels
  • What leveraging really means

Connect with David:
Instagram: @risingabovethenoise
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David's book: Brand Intervention: 33 Steps to Transform the Brand You Have into the Brand You Need

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Become Your True Self - with Mike Fallat - EP 264

You may have heard before that being an entrepreneur is a constant journey of self-development and self-discovery, and you might feel like you are still on that path to discovering what aligns with your true identity. Being yourself and projecting your unique personality and talents to the world, will attract colleagues, collaborators, and customers that are also aligned with your mission. In this episode, Tony talks to Mike Fallat about their transformations through the last couple of years and becoming more aligned with their true values and identity.

Mike Fallat is the owner of Dreamstarters Publishing & The Million Dollar Book Agency, and he helps entrepreneurs get their books published and show them how to use their books as a gateway to revenue streams.

In this episode, Mike and Tony share advice about listening to your instinct regarding people you should be connecting with and spending energy on, how to appear more confident when connecting with others, and how to guard your schedule to avoid a constant feeling of overwhelm and a never-ending to-do list. Mike also dives into what writing a book can do for your social proof. Tune in to hear more!

Key highlights:

  • People that keep moving forward are what inspire people
  • Are you choosing your wardrobe trying to impress other people?
  •  On your entrepreneurial journey, you might start out not knowing yourself
  • Tony’s advice to appear more confident and trusting when connecting with others
  • Mike’s advice for connecting with people and being memorable
  • Mike becoming his true self
  • The shift that happened in 2020
  • Getting over the hurdle of being an outcast
  • Listening to your instinct regarding other people’s energy and being able to make quick decisions in your business
  • Making moves after attending an event or mastermind
  • How will you guard your time?
  • Tips for getting started with writing your book
  • How to manage your energy and get your day started the way that works for you
  • Overcoming imposter syndrome
  • How writing a book will help you reach your audience
  • The social proof you get from writing a book

Quote from the episode: 

“Your income is directly tied to how well you articulate your solutions.”

Episode resources:

Book: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Book: Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill

Book: Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

Connect with Mike:
Inner Circle podcast
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Friendly Reminders to a Million People - with Scott Tatum - EP 263


We have all heard the phrase, “You can’t pour from an empty cup.” Sometimes as business owners, we pour ourselves into our business and try to give what we can for our families, and this might leave nothing left for ourselves. Today’s guest emphasizes the importance of being a “self-care savage” and going down the path of becoming mentally independent by doing the critical mindset work.

Scott Tatum is the founder of @UcanOutdoors, and he delivers daily “Friendly Reminders” via Instagram and TikTok where he has over 1 million followers combined, and over 6 million views on his quick and inspiring videos. From his Friendly Reminders, Scott reminds us that self-care and taking accountability for your own self-growth are vital to well-being and healing. Scott is a Nomad/Hiker/Explorer/Outdoor enthusiast advocating for Self Care, Mental Health, and our Public Lands. Scott utilizes the outdoors for his own form of therapy to heal the mind, body, and soul, which inspired him to spread his message to others.

In this episode, Scott shares his story of being stuck in a cycle of self-sabotage and feeling like he was close to giving up hope in life. Through getting in touch with nature, he connected with himself and believes nature is the antidote for healing. Sometimes changing our surroundings can be such a powerful tool that aids in helping us connect to who we truly are, and undoing the beliefs that have been ingrained in us since childhood. Tune in for a powerful episode!

  • How Scott utilizes outdoors as a form of therapy
  • How he got started making videos
  • Scott’s advice for getting started with social media and stop worrying about what others will think
  • We all have trauma and damage from the past and we need to deal with it because we carry it every day
  • You cannot be your best for people if you're not your best for yourself
  • What Scott would tell his younger self
  • Where Tony got his confidence
  • It is hard to build confidence if you haven’t dealt with what is holding you back
  • We were a sponge to the beliefs around us as kids and we have to question if those beliefs are serving us currently
  • How Scott got past the negative feelings toward a difficult childhood
  • Look inward instead of continuing to look at everyone else and copy them
  • How Scott got out of his cycle of self-sabotage by connecting with nature and how it saved his life
  • The importance of connecting to nature and isolating

Catch Scott's impactful friendly reminders:
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