Build Unconventional Wealth - with Pejman Ghadimi - EP 289

In today’s world of social media and instant gratification, people are looking for shortcuts to wealth and want that influence and the ability to buy fancy cars. They see people on social media with flashy cars and expensive watches, but oftentimes, they are not thinking of what it took to get there. Maybe that person is just faking the influence and wealth as we have discussed in other episodes, or maybe they truly have built the wealth to get there, but it is probably a longer, more challenging path than people realize. Pejman Ghadimi is back on the 365 Driven podcast to demystify what it takes to get on the path to wealth, how that can be done by unconventional means, and since Tony and Pejman are both car guys, they also dive into a little about exotic cars.

Pejman Ghadimi is a self-made entrepreneur, philosopher, author, and the creator of the wealth transfer methodology. Over the last 20 years, Pejman has built several businesses ranging from a one-of-a-kind investment firm that focuses on alternative asset management known as 1 OFF Investments, to a series of online education businesses including Secret Entourage, Exotic Car Hacks, and Watch Trading Academy. These platforms have forced people to rethink their understanding of business, luxury assets, and money management. Pejman's companies have grossed well over $420,000,000.00 in combined revenue. Pejman is an example of how resourcefulness and self-education are the two most powerful keys to success. He was also featured on Netflix’s Fastest Car Season 2.

In this episode, Pejman explains that having a path to wealth comes from having a path as a human and acquiring skills along the way no matter what types of jobs you start out in. Very successful people rarely share about their first job and the 10-20 years of struggling and lessons that it took to get them to where they are because oftentimes people don’t want to hear about that. It’s a very important piece of the journey that people need to realize and research for themselves. Listening and talking to people that have what you want can help shortcut the learning, but not the result, so starting to build that wealth now is going to be key.

Key highlights:

  • For someone that thinks that they do not have a path to wealth, how do they start?
  • People don’t understand the path to success and they think it’s not possible due to having a fixed mindset around it
  • Acquiring skills and knowledge to get to that next level
  • What do you need to know to buy an exotic car? What do you need to assess?
  • As a society, we focus on the wrong things: fear and negativity
  • Greatness will always be in demand because it is in short supply
  • If you find someone that will share how they got there, pay attention to what they say
  • Real success is having a choice and living life through your own value system

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Planning, Productivity, and People - with Emily Frisella - EP 288


So many people struggle with proper planning and claim that they don’t have enough time to do what will move the needle forward in either their business, fitness, relationships, or personal development. Those of us that are 365 driven are always aiming to reach the next level in various aspects of life while learning how to balance it all. Some people are really disciplined in their business, but struggle to prioritize in other areas. The hard truth is that they just aren’t doing it right, and today’s guest is here to share the hacks we need to be a better planner, maximize productivity, and prioritize the relationships that matter most.

Emily Frisella is a multi-passionate entrepreneur who started her first brick-and-mortar business at the age of 20. She is the Founder of The Paper & Plan Co., A twice published best-selling cookbook author, Co-host of Curious Me Podcast, Founder of The Women in Business Workshop, COO of 44Seven Media & the Arete Syndicate, a Business Coach, and a speaker. Emily’s latest book “Relationships First: People, Passion, and Profit” explains the importance of nurturing relationships for both personal and professional success. As a business owner of several businesses, Emily has planning and productivity down to a science and she shares her best tips in this episode.

With so many distractions around, such as social media and people demanding our time and attention, learning to balance it all to focus on what needs to get done, can be very overwhelming. Emily explains that so many people overestimate their brain power and ability to remember every single thing that needs to get done, and also may struggle with setting boundaries with others when it comes to protecting their time. In order to be productive in all areas when it comes to business, fitness, and personal life, learning to plan in a way that works best for you (not what someone else says is the “perfect” schedule) is going to be key.

Key highlights:

  • Why do people struggle with planning?
  • How to set and achieve goals
  • How planning makes you a better boss/manager
  • Emily’s tip: “Do first what you do not want to do most”
  • Emily’s productivity tools and hacks
  • How to set boundaries and protect your time
  • How Emily prioritizes all her tasks
  • Emily explains her “dungeon days”
  • Making a schedule that works best for you
  • Being mindful of ways to pour into people in all aspects of your life
  • Relationship advice if you always feel like you need to be the problem solver

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Integrity Vs Influence - with Tony Whatley - EP 287


Too many people are trading integrity for influence and trying to gain fake followers and fake notoriety to appear as though they are influential, but if it’s not real, what is the point? Do those fake followers and fake blue check marks matter if they aren’t actually providing real value to the world? Fake PR might work to fool people into thinking those fake influencers are more wealthy and successful than they are, but if that means sacrificing integrity to get there, those tactics are going to have long-term effects, and keeping up the fakeness will become unsustainable.

Our world is craving authenticity, and eventually, the fakes will be revealed. True influence is earned by making an impact and consistently providing value to others. Too many people want to skip the impact part, but that is what matters. It’s about the long game when it comes to influence, and if someone can’t provide value, they don’t deserve the influence. Let’s make 2023 the year of authenticity and the year we stop supporting the fakers. So how do you spot the fakes and frauds in the influence space? Tune in to find out the telltale signs of a fake influencer.

Key highlights:

  • Stop trading integrity for influence
  • Why people do fake PR
  • What are things people can fake in the influencer space?
  • What are things you can’t fake?
  • How to spot fakes and frauds in the influencer space
  • How to know someone is real and authentic
  • Tony explains “Pay to Play” type of events
  • Avoid groups that teach you fake stuff and start supporting real and authentic people

Episode resources:

EP 249 of 365 Driven: Fake Media Influence Exposed - with Kimanzi Constable

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Your Silence is Killing You - with Scott Harvey - EP 286


We’re living in a “cancel culture” society where we’re so afraid of saying the wrong thing, that we decide to say nothing. But what if our silence is more dangerous and damaging than expressing what we really think? We don’t all have to have the same opinions and agree on every topic, but it’s important that we have the opportunity to express differing opinions and learn from each other. It’s also important to listen to people that have different views than us. If we silence opposing opinions then we are not challenged and are no longer growing and getting better. This just creates an echo chamber that won’t give us an opportunity to really think about how things can be improved. Today’s guest explains why calling attention to the elephant in the room is important.

Scott Harvey spent 20 years as a hostage negotiator and public information officer and is not afraid to have difficult conversations. As a professional speaker and communication coach, he speaks to tens of thousands of people each year teaching them the tactics they need to speak with confidence and build their influence. Scott believes that in our "cancel culture" world, our silence is killing us because our reputation and our organizations suffer. Luckily, we can learn communication skills and how to effectively have hard and necessary conversations.

In this episode, Scott explains that we can’t influence real change and have a voice if we are too worried to speak up. Having the fear of saying the wrong thing is a good thing because of course we don’t intend to hurt anyone, but it's important to note that it is easier to defend your action than your inaction. People might mistake your silence for apathy, so just be real because our world is desperate for authenticity.

Key highlights:

  • Why Scott retired from the police world and stepped into the speaking world
  • Scott's thoughts on cancel culture
  • The danger in silencing opposing opinions
  • How to influence real change, and it isn't through social media
  • Why you should challenge yourself to listen to both sides and form your own opinion
  • Scott's opinion on why people stay silent
  • Take time to listen to critics because they might have something that makes you better
  • Why people unfollowing you and unsubscribing is actually a good thing
  • How to approach difficult conversations
  • Tips for building rapport and trust with your audience

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The Importance of Strength Training - with James Gerland - EP 285


During this time of year, a lot of you are thinking “new year, new me” and setting really ambitious goals with great intentions, saying you’ll make health a priority this year, but then not long after, many people fall off the wagon. Today’s guest is just what we all need to light a fire under us to make physical fitness a top priority this year. James Gerland is on the 365 Driven Podcast to explain the importance of strength training not only for our physical health but all aspects of life including mental health and personal development.

James Gerland is the founder of AMMP Labs and is building a brand of performance-oriented gyms. James has been a high-performance coach for 19 years and takes his clients’ results and happiness very seriously. He specializes in hypertrophy training, strength and conditioning, bodybuilding, fat loss, and mobility. He works with high-level athletes from UFC, NFL, IFBB, NPC, college football athletes, and anyone looking to optimize their physique in a sustainable way. What makes James different from other strength and performance coaches is that he wants people to be safe and continue progressing in all areas of life.

In this episode, James shares how he helps people make fitness a habit and get the momentum to make it a lifestyle instead of trying for a bit, and eventually giving up. He is not about short-term gains and results, because making fitness and nutrition a top priority all throughout our lives is going to be key for longevity and feeling our best, which will transfer into all areas of life. James also gets into the topic of supplements, such as: What makes good supplements? Do you need supplements? Should you cycle off of certain supplements? Tune in for more.

Key highlights:

  • Why James decided to become a strength and conditioning coach
  • James critiques the “new” way of fitness
  • Fitness isn't just about changing your body
  • The first 21 days is when habits are formed
  • What if someone is coming in at ground zero?
  • Tony’s message to people that continually feel like they “fell off the wagon”
  • The importance of rest and recovery for long-term goals
  • Why the majority of what we see online about fitness is wrong
  • Are free weights or machines better?
  • Which machine types are the best?
  • How James builds programs for beginners
  • The 80/20 rule is BS when it comes to nutrition and exercise because should be 100% for both
  • The importance of learning posture and stabilizing before throwing weight on the bar
  • The problem with workout programs that are not customized to each person
  • “Master the weight, don’t let the weight master you” (no ego pulls)
  • Why a lot of commercial gyms are designed incorrectly
  • What James suggests to people that feel they have hit a plateau
  • The importance of setting up your lifts correctly to avoid injury and hit muscles correctly

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How To Win in 2023 - with Tony Whatley - EP 284


Happy New Year and welcome back to the 365 Driven Podcast! Last year, Tony released an episode titled “How to Win in 2022” and it was one of the most downloaded episodes of last year. This year, Tony is back with more actionable advice on how to win this year, and the messages are not the same as the previous year.

While planning for personal and professional growth this year, it is unavoidable to address the big elephant in the room: recession. With all the indicators bring present, it is essential to make a plan to not just survive this market, but to know what is needed to thrive and make this your best year yet.

All of the “get rich quick” schemes of previous years are not going to work in a recession. Tony encourages you to take advice from someone that has been in business during a recession and knows what it takes to stay above the competition. Tony built his first business in the recession of 2001, and used the 2007-2009 recession to invest and grow his online retail company, which became a 7 figure business. It’s easy to be successful in a growth economy, but with the current market trends, you want to learn what it takes to use the market to your advantage and grow exponentially in 2023.

Most people will focus on doom and gloom and consider quitting, but winners see these moments as an opportunity. So how do you win when your competition is backing down? Tune in to learn how to win in 2023.

Key highlights:

  • Tony addresses the topic of recession and all the indicators being present
  • Tony shares his history with recessions
  • The biggest growth comes during and shortly after a recession
  • This is the time to play the “buy low, sell high” game
  • How to stand out on social media
  • Which social media platforms are showing growth?
  • How to grow your email list
  • Adjusting your offer for the current market
  • Tony challenges you to get in the best shape of your life mentally and physically this year

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School Teacher to Millionaire CEO - with Lisa Collum - EP 283

Entrepreneurship doesn’t always look like what we see in movies or on social media. You don’t need a big fancy office, expensive equipment, and a big team of people to be successful. You need the willingness to learn and change directions if needed. That might mean failing a few times and feeling like you have no idea what you are doing. Successful entrepreneurs know that finding success lies in figuring things out as you go, asking for help when needed, and knowing when it is time to pivot. Today’s guest is a former teacher who took $100 and turned it into a multi-million dollar company without any business experience, no business degree, and learned everything along the way.

Lisa Collum is the founder of a curriculum company, Top Score Writing, Inc. While teaching at a Title I school, Lisa developed an innovative step-by-step program proven to dramatically increase writing scores on standardized assessments. The results of her curriculum attracted a lot of attention, and she was even investigated by the board of education twice because they didn't believe the results she got were possible. School officials were calling her wanting to know her secrets, and from there, her company was born and is now used nationwide. As a busy entrepreneur and mother of four, Lisa is also the owner of a nonprofit, Coastal Middle and High School, which is a part of her mission to help all children succeed.

Lisa’s message in this episode is to go for it without waiting to have the “perfect" plan otherwise, you'll never start. Figure it out as you go, fail a few times, and keep moving. If you can identify a problem that others don’t know they have, and be the person committed to finding the solution, you will be successful. So many people see an opportunity for success but talk themselves out of it thinking it will be too hard or that they don’t have the resources. The key is to know that you may not know all the answers now, but you can figure out where to find them. Another huge part of the equation is finding what you are passionate about, and committing to helping people in that area. If you are not in your business for the right reasons, you will burn out and be unfulfilled. Tune in to hear more of Lisa’s inspiring story of going from teacher to CEO.

Key highlights:

  • Lisa’s story of growing up and knowing she wanted to be a teacher ever since she could remember
  • How Lisa took her first class of students from a pass rate of 38% to 95% on the state writing test, and then to 100% in the years after
  • Leaving her teaching job and being contacted by schools to sell her writing curriculum
  • How one $75 binder sold turned into multiple binders and is now a nationwide company
  • Tony shares how he stumbled his way into entrepreneurship as well
  • You don’t need to start with a big team - go slow and build as you grow
  • The struggle between humility and owning your success
  • Why we should stop the idea that we need to be discrete about money
  • Building a business sometimes means identifying a problem that people don't even know they have
  • Lisa’s story of answering the phone pretending to be different people in the beginning stages of her company
  • Lisa’s advice to people just building a business
  • The most successful people don't think about “How am I going to do that?” They ask, “Who do I know that can do this?”
  • When is it time to hire help in your company and how do you let go of control?
  • The importance of having a passion for whatever you are doing in your business

Resources mentioned in the episode:
Book: Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike by Phil Knight

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Using PR To Amplify Authority - with Jeremy Ryan Slate - EP 282


A lot of people confuse the difference between PR and marketing, but the purpose of PR is to get people to have a certain idea and feeling about you. This is where you build your “know, like, and trust” factor. Respect will not just be handed to you, and just because you put content out, does not mean the customers will come. You have to make sure you are consistently offering value and working on building that relationship with your audience to the point that they view you as an authority figure in your niche. Podcasts are a great way to do this, but people focus on the wrong things when they get started. Today’s guest is here to break it all down by explaining the key differences between PR and marketing, and where to put your efforts so that you build trust, leading to getting more people through your sales door.

Jeremy Ryan Slate is back on the 365 Driven Podcast for a third time to share his tips to stop wasting energy on the wrong metrics in your PR efforts. Jeremy is the founder of the "Create Your Own Life" Podcast, which studies the highest performers in the world. He is a former champion powerlifter turned new media entrepreneur, and he specializes in using podcasting and new media to create trust and opinion leader status. Jeremy was named the #1 Podcast to Listen to by INC Magazine in 2019, as well as being named a Top Influencer by Forbes. After his success in podcasting, Jeremy and his wife Brielle Slate founded "Command Your Brand" to help entrepreneurs get their message out by appearing as guests on podcasts.

In this episode, Jeremy and Tony discuss the unique opportunities that podcasting presents due to there being no gatekeeper. This means that anyone that wants to get their message out, can do so with podcasting, but sadly the number of podcasts that die out due to “pod fade” is very high. What causes this? Jeremy says that it is due to people putting too much focus on the wrong metrics instead of making sure they have a solid business foundation, and then using their podcast as a PR vehicle that brings people in with the knowledge and value they have to offer. Just starting a podcast won’t mean the audience will come, so tune in to learn how you can set yourself up as an authority in your space and avoid these common mistakes.

Key highlights:

  • Why Jeremy believes that traditional media is dead and podcasting is now the media
  • What is “pod fade” and why does it happen?
  • What is the difference between PR and marketing?
  • Should you focus on download numbers when you first launch a podcast?
  • Common mistakes people make when starting a podcast for their business
  • Why Jeremy is particular about the type of clients he works with
  • What NOT to do as a podcast guest
  • Why over-pitching yourself and your offer is bad PR
  • What Jeremy would say to someone that wants to get their message out there
  • How to get people to remember you and your message
  • How to respectfully disagree with people online
  • Jeremy and Tony’s thoughts on the divisiveness happening right now, and how to spot the BS

Resources mentioned in the episode:

Episode 249 of 365 Driven: Fake Media Influence Exposed - with Kimanzi Constable

Book: The Fourth Turning: An American Prophecy - What the Cycles of History Tell Us About America's Next Rendezvous with Destiny by William Strauss

Connect with Jeremy Ryan Slate:
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Twitter: @jeremyryanslate
LinkedIn: Jeremy Ryan Slate
Podcast: Create Your Own Life

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The Truth About Network Marketing - with Toni Vanschoyck - EP 281



There are a lot of opinions about network marketing, and with that, come many skeptics. You might have heard this business model called a “pyramid scheme”, which has the connotation that only the people at the top are gaining at the expense of others, and that is it difficult to make a lot of money, but done right, it can change lives. Network marketing has gotten a bad stigma over the years, but today’s guest is on a mission to change the perception of this industry and show others the great things that it can do for people.

Toni Vanschoyck has been working with start-up network marketing companies for over 20 years after owning 2 successful traditional businesses that she started after being burnt out from her corporate job. She has now earned millions with her network marketing business, has sat on advisory boards, and has also been a liaison and helped small startups and small business owners through using social media, increasing sales goals, relationship building, and retention of current customers and representatives. Toni has also written three best-selling Amazon books under the series “Effing Simple” and has created the first CRM campaign for network marketers and small business owners.

In this episode, Toni is honest about the fact that she also used to be a skeptic about network marketing, until she realized that she just wasn’t doing it right. Toni learned that in order to be successful in network marketing, you can’t be ego-driven. Being a person of service, leading with value, and always having the objective of helping people first, is what will lead to success, and that goes for any business. She emphasizes the importance of having systems in place and explains what she teaches people in order to lead them to a path of success in this industry. Toni explains the benefits of joining a networking marketing business vs. a franchise model, and also encourages everyone to be bold and speak your truth instead of conforming to what others want you to be. So many people can be quick to judge, but once we take the time to get educated, the judgment fades away.

Key highlights:

  • Toni’s background and how she got into network marketing
  • Why she is on a mission to change the perception of network marketing
  • The importance of having a system in place for everything
  • Business has never been easier than it is now because you can learn from others
  • Why does networking marketing have a bad stigma?
  • How Corporate America is similar to a “pyramid scheme”
  • What is the risk in joining a networking marketing company compared to a regular entrepreneur journey?
  • The benefit of joining networking marketing or franchises
  • How to make the income you want with network marketing
  • How to overcome the fear of selling
  • The importance of leading with value and always looking to help others
  • Stress management and taking care of yourself need to be a priority
  • Toni encourages people to speak their minds and she shares her story of having to advocate for her son and his medical needs, and how people come to her for help to advocate for themselves
  • Don’t be afraid to be bold about your opinions, show up with research and facts, have an open mind, and be a thought leader
  • Toni’s advice to someone that doesn't know how to start in network marketing, in business, or their career in general

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Facebook: Toni Vanschoyck
YouTube: Effing Simple

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Fear is Lying to You - with Setema Gali - EP 280


Fear often keeps people from going after what they really want in life and keeps them complacent in a job or position in which they are not utilizing their full potential. This is because we’re taught to lie and say the “right” thing instead of what we actually want and what’s real in our hearts. This leads to people living an average life due to fear of looking dumb to others, having people laugh at their goals, and because of fear of failure. Successful people know that failure is not something to avoid or be fearful of. Failure is the path to greatness. Important lessons lie in failure, so don’t let your fear hold you back and lie to you about what you actually want in life. This episode is packed with lessons, wisdom, and a success story that was built from pushing fear aside and putting in the necessary hard work to be great.

Setema Gali is a former NFL player for the New England Patriots and won the Super Bowl in 2002. Setema is honest about the extreme dedication it took to get him there, his transition out of football and into being a mortgage broker, and the adversity he faced after the 2008 market crash. From being a successful professional football player to losing it all and selling his Super Bowl ring, Setema shares what he learned as he reinvented himself and came back stronger and more grateful than ever. Now he helps others realize their potential, and he speaks on stages breaking down old barriers, weak stories, and mediocre results. Through his coaching programs, live immersion events, digital trainings, and daily podcast, Setema has changed the lives of thousands of people, helping them set their dreams high and their commitment higher.

Setema believes that having the ability to have calm energy about you is a superpower, and in today’s world with so many distractions pulling us in different directions and the polarity that we are exposed to on a daily basis, learning to control our emotions and being aware of our energy, is a very important skill. You don’t want to miss Setema’s comeback story and the incredible insight he shares in this episode.

Key highlights:

  • Setema’s background and childhood growing up as an uncoordinated child that didn’t even like football at first
  • What sports taught Setema at an early age
  • What Tony learned from sports growing up
  • Why do people have a fear of going after their goals?
  • Emotional control is a strength and high performers usually have their emotions in check
  • Being aware of the energy you give off
  • You should be the same person online that you are in person
  • Being real in a world of filters and fake influencers
  • Tony’s advice for hiring or promoting someone
  • People undervalue time nowadays - don't fall for get-rich-quick schemes - time is not something you can shortcut
  • People overestimate what they can do in one year, and underestimate what they can do in 10 years
  • What post-NFL looked like for Setema including being depressed and losing everything
  • How Setema reinvented himself by joining a company, getting into sales, and eventually following his calling to help others reach their goals

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Facebook: Setema Gali Jr.
YouTube: Setema Gali

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