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I used to believe that someone had to already be rich in order to start a successful company. "It takes money to make money." What a lie.

For years I showed up to my regular job, thinking that there must be more to life. The promotions happened, but oftentimes the title was worth more than the pay increase. I always observed my supervisors, asking myself if they had the lifestyle that I dreamed about. The answer was always "No". If not, then why was I working so hard to have something they could not provide me?

I felt that I needed take action to get ahead financially. There were times I worked three jobs, because I wasn't where I wanted to be in life.

At age 28, I started my first side business while working a full-time career. Within two years, it was earning more than my salary.

At age 34, I sold that business and became a multi-millionaire. I've since started other companies.

Now I teach thousands of people how to pursue the lives they desire, instead of settling like the rest.

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Sidehustle Millionaire

Side Hustle Millionaire

Turn your passions into profit! Fuel your desire to be in control of your own destiny. Starting a business may seem an overwhelming task for a busy professional, but it doesn’t have to be. Learn the mindset and methods that could have your side-business income exceed your career salary.

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