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I’m Tony Whatley, and I’d like to be your partner in success. I know you have a lot of consultant options out there. Allow me to share why I’m unique, and perhaps my background will resonate with you.

I come from humble beginnings, the son of two hard working blue-collar parents. I put myself through engineering school, by working full-time as a pipefitter and a restaurant waiter. I’ve climbed the corporate ladder, making it to middle-management within Fortune 500 companies.

I’m a serial entrepreneur, with a very strong sales, marketing, and branding background. I’ve started successful businesses, and also some that failed. One of these businesses reached multiple 7-figures in valuation. I accomplished this in my spare time, it was a side-hustle.

I have lived the “American Dream”. Now I want to share with you the mindset, habits, and discipline required for you to exceed your goals. Are you ready?

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Step 1 - You Initiate Contact

It all starts with you, by taking that first step to contact us.

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We discuss what you desire to accomplish.

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Form a successful mindset, discipline, and habits.

Step 4 - You Succeed

We monitor your progress, and keep you accountable.

The Process

I get it, you may be feeling anxiety about asking someone for help. This is normal human nature, mixed with a dose of ego or pride. It can feel awkward to ask for assistance, especially when you consider yourself independent and driven. Those characteristics led you here. But, you also feel something is missing, and you want more in life.

Think of those people who are highly skilled in what they do. Professional athletes, actors, musicians, surgeons, and the like. They did not get to the levels they are at, by learning on their own. They invested in themselves, and in coaches and mentors. They understand the path to success requires knowledge, and being driven enough to take action. Are your goals and dreams somehow less important than theirs? Of course not.

Do not think of this as “needing help”, but rather as you wanting to gain an advantage to achieve your goals.

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Turn your passions into profit! Fuel your desire to be in control of your own destiny. Starting a business may seem an overwhelming task for a busy professional, but it doesn’t have to be. Learn the mindset and methods that could have your side-business income exceed your career salary.

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