Tony Whatley

Mentor | Entrepreneur | Engineer | Car Fanatic

These four labels describe my passions. I enjoy teaching, and I never stop learning. The world of entrepreneurship started for me as a child, purely as a method to earn extra money. My creativity and problem-solving skill are what led to my engineering career. Some of you may like cars, but I’m fanatical about them. I build cars, race them, and collect them.

I grew up in a small town outside of Houston, Texas. My dad is a veteran US Marine that served in the Vietnam War. After the military, he worked his way up through the blue-collar ranks of the Houston area refineries. My mom spent her entire career serving meals to children, as a cafeteria lady in the public school system. My dad instilled within me his values of integrity, toughness and leadership. My mom provided me with her empathy for others, creativity and patience. Both taught me that life isn’t fair, and that I’d have to work for whatever I wanted in life.

I put myself through college while working full-time as a pipefitter and welder, attending school at night. On weekends, I also worked in restaurants to help pay bills. It took me 7 years to earn a degree in mechanical engineering. Those were tough years, I was severely in debt and struggled to keep up. At the time, I only slept about 4 hours per night. My grades and relationships suffered. But, I never quit.

I’ve held a fascinating career in oil and gas since I was 18. Having started from the field, I later began working my way through engineering design roles, and then into Project Management. I’ve worked overseas in Europe, as well as in Africa. I enjoy the innovation, challenge, and complexity of managing $100MM+ large-scale projects. I thrive in these leadership roles.

Alongside my oil career, I became an expert at creating part-time “side-hustle” businesses. I’ve started a couple businesses that generated incredible income, with minimal time requirements. I’ve managed them in only 1-2 hours per day. I’ve created both 6-figure and 7-figure online businesses. The latter one generated multiple six-figures of yearly income, far more than my oil career at the time. In 2007, at age 34, I became a millionaire when I sold that company. All of this was accomplished in my spare time.

When I turned 40, I began to question my real purpose in life. I decided that I wanted to teach others how to become the best version of themselves. I want to help businesses become more successful. I truly enjoy helping those who are willing to learn. Those willing to take action. Your success, is how I define my success.

I’ve never had any formal mentors to discuss my goals and success with. I only had hundreds of books, and people that I admired. Although I’ve accomplished much, I now realize that I could have progressed much faster if I had utilized mentors and coaches. People who had accomplished things that I desired to achieve. Mentors who would help me make plans, and hold me accountable.

This is why I am doing this. I look forward to helping you.

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Industry Experience

I offer business consulting for small to medium sized companies, with annual revenues up to $100MM. I greatly enjoy assisting entrepreneurs, and those who aspire to become business owners. I have a very diverse background in various industries, which provided me with different perspectives. I invite you to utilize my experience to help you get ahead.

  • 27 Years – Oil & Gas (upstream, midstream, downstream, offshore)
  • 17 Years – Automotive Aftermarket (retail, marketing, events, media)
  • 16 Years – Digital Marketing, Branding, Website Development
  • 15 Years – Restaurants & Brewery (management, sales)
  • 10 Years – Small Business Consulting & Startups

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