Sundays are generally a day for relaxing, for most people. As the sun begins to fade, late in the day, there is a common mindset shift away from our enjoyed activities. We begin to think to ourselves "Tomorrow is Monday." Very few people look forward to Monday. If you happen to be one of the few that do enjoy the day, congratulations. Perhaps you will remember a time when you didn't enjoy the beginning of the work week. We've all been there, before. Remember, we may also return to that point of dislike or unexcited mindfulness, due to any unforeseen circumstance. Your happiness may only be temporary, and could be altered by someone else's decision.

How many of you feel stuck in a routine? A stagnant, stale, repeating schedule. The thought of the stack of to-do's that you must tackle, the pile of paperwork or tasks that you must unravel. All of this stuff is just on pause, awaiting your return to your desk. It can seem overwhelming, at times. That phone, curse that annoying digital ring tone. It can't wait to annoy you again, evidenced by the ringing it is already making as you first walk up to your desk. You aren't late, the callers are just relentless. That email inbox. Sometimes you wish you could just click "select all" and follow it with "delete". You smile when you think of doing this. But, you know reality cannot be avoided. The emails will keep coming. The important messages get buried beneath the reply-all conversations from people who just love to read their own messages.

Sometimes you'll find yourself staring at a wall in your cubicle or office. You begin to think "Is this really my life? Is this it? Do I really have to do this for 40 years? There has to be more. This can't be my life." Then your logic steps in to justify things. "Well, they are paying me to do this. I guess I'll keep doing it. I need a job. I have bills to pay."

How many of you are feeling throttled back at your job? Knowing you could do much more, but are held back from your potential? You succumb to doing busy-work that really isn't challenging to you. You continue to provide value, but feel unrecognized for it. You are continually told to wait your turn for those promotions, while watching the current role-sitters fumble with incompetence. You can keep watching that show, because you know that the company rarely removes people. You might be waiting a very long time, decades perhaps. "Pay your dues" they say. Welcome to the no-passing zone. Stay in line behind that slower moving vehicle. Now, this isn't to disregard wisdom and experience, but some corporations fail to realize that some people never gain those attributes - regardless of age. You can laugh, because we've all seen cases of this.

So what do you do about it? Complaining at the coffee machine in the break room, or while eating lunch with your co-workers won't solve anything. Everyone does that, it is like a favorite pastime for colleagues. Complaining never solves anything. Only action that results in change, can alter your trajectory. If you don't know what your career trajectory is, take a look at your supervisor. Maybe their supervisor, too. That is the path you are on. When you evaluate their positions, pay-scales, and lifestyles; is it going to be enough for you? Are their current standings equal to your final goals in life?

These are the questions that few employees take time to consider. The sad reality is that most people eventually land on a plateau of being content. We get to a point where what we earn, can make us sustain just enough pain. It isn't until we feel true pain, and discomfort that we are willing to incorporate changes. We might be running on that treadmill with a tasty snack hanging just before our nose, just out of reach. Then we look at our clock and 40 years have passed by.

These thoughts are what always made me strive for more. While I've truly loved many aspects of my engineering / project management career in oil, I always felt I could do more. If I wasn't going to receive the potential during that 8 hours a day at work, then I'd find an alternate path on my own time. I started building my own companies, in my spare time. It has proven successful. I've essentially led a dual career for the last 20 years, in two completely distinct industries. Oil and Automotive Performance. I have created huge networks within both industries, without merging the two.

I've always striven to do my best, on both sides of this career division. No doubt I've put more manhours into the oil side, as it is more demanding of time. Financially, both sides have been about equal in the long-term. I just want to provide you with the knowledge, and courage to understand what is possible. You can make excuses, or you can make things happen. This was the basis for writing my book, Sidehustle Millionaire. I know there are thousands of working professionals out there, who have hit that glass ceiling within their corporate careers. Highly talented, driven people, who will never get the opportunity to shine brightly. I also know of  younger generations of professionals that are hungry, and willing to take alternate paths.

When you aren't receiving the opportunities at your day job, sometimes you have to create your own. I hope to help thousands with this.