Reasons You Should Write A Book

Reasons You Should Write A Book 🤓

I know that there are several others out there who have a book inside their mind. I've always wanted to write a book, and I've felt that way for years.
Because I love books, I've always considered the title of "Author" with admiration. Writing a book shows someone's commitment and dedication to finishing what is typically a very long personal project. Nobody accidentally writes a book, or lucks out into having one created. It must be earned. That is also what makes it respected.
Why should you write a book? There are several reasons. Here are only a few.
1. A book will help establish your authority in a subject. It takes personal commitment to learn the content, gain the experience, and put it into words. A book is still considered a key tangible item, that people will instantly recognize as a proof of authority. What do you want to be known for?
2. If your story, message, or knowledge can help one person - it can also help thousands of people. Changing one life is very powerful. Changing thousands is a real impact. Changing millions? You've then created a legacy. If you have something important to share with the world, consider it your duty to get it out there. Your book will live longer than you will. What do you want to share with the world?
3. Hidden opportunities become visible to you. You knew they likely existed before, but you never had access to these opportunities. Getting invited to do interviews on radio, TV, podcasts, magazines, YouTube channels. They all have a similar key to unlock those doors...a book. Before I published the book, most of them wouldn't give me the time of day. Now they seek me out. I also have two speaking engagements this month, because of the book. The flip in attention has been incredible, something I never expected.
4. Marketing power. Are you building a personal brand? Are you marketing your business? Having a published book in that segment will serve as a very powerful marketing tool. My competitors might hand you a business card, which will get tossed into a pile of others within some random drawer. I might hand you a book, which will likely sit on your desk until you decide to read it. And then, it will get placed on a shelf, for easy reference later. Think of a book as a business card on steroids. People will remember meeting an author of a book. They won't even remember your name on a business card.
5. Passive income. While the book sales are never intended to make you rich, they do have the potential to generate passive income. My book launched in May 2018, and it is averaging about $1,000 in paid royalties per month. I won't receive my first hardcover edition royalty report until later this month, so it will be higher than this. Self-publishing is a healthy profit margin, you earn 70% of the sales through Amazon, and you set your own prices. Advertising through Amazon is also very inexpensive and automated. I am spending about 15% on ads to generate a return on sales, so I'm netting 55% profit.
6. Active income. Think of the potential upside that comes with all the added opportunities, exposure, and marketing. There really is no limit, it will depend on how you put it all to good use. Think of all those famous authors out there, who had their lives instantly changed by these opportunities. What would their lives look like today, had they not started typing?
I hope this list has provided you with some encouragement. 💚