The trajectory of your life is always just one decision away. Our time here is relatively short, so why not make the decision to make the best of it?

Quit aspiring to be average. Quit putting in average effort, and expecting more than average results. Would you buy products or hire services that are advertised as merely average? Hell no. Then realize that an average life is not for you. Average is boring, and robs you of ever experiencing your full potential.

Friends, we only get one ride. There is no reset button at the end of our lives. You can decide to improve, and chase those dreams…or you can be destined to die with regret. Spend some time with those near the end in their years, and they will tell you regret is awful. And, they have run out of time. Do not stay on that path. It is your choice to make, today.

Regain your health and fitness. Educate yourself with books and mentors. Be willing to take risks, and fail. Get back up. Accept and love yourself. Choose to be confident. Pay no attention to what others say about you. Be who you were meant to be. Build the memories and experiences that will last you a lifetime. Explore. Be kind, and helpful to others.

If you want something, ask for it. Take action. Strengthen relationships. Hug them before they are gone. Before you are gone…