Do you want a better life? It starts with you. How badly do you want it? Are you all talk, or are you actually taking action to improve yourself?

If you want to achieve levels different from where you currently are, you have to redefine yourself to grow into that higher level. It would be absurd to think about massive lifestyle changes happening, without investing in yourself to create and master those new opportunities.

Want to be the boss? How much time have you invested in learning how to become one? Read any management books in the last month, or take any recent courses on leadership? If you said no, then you are not serious about it. Rest assured, other people you know are investing in themselves, and improving. They will get that job.

Want to start a company? How many books have you read on doing so? How many mentors have you approached with questions? Done any legit research on the business niche? Have you done a simple business plan to estimate the financials and returns? No? Then you aren’t ready.

We should always look into ourselves first, if we want changes to happen. Rid yourself of things that do not move you closer to your goal. That may include bad habits, excuses, negative people, and your attitude. Make these changes to yourself, and watch the opportunities arrive. Most people simply hold themselves back, but they do not realize it.

Become the best version of yourself, and seek to improve every single day. Little positive changes, performed over a long time, will bring exponential gains.