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Mike Szczesniak is President of The Results Engine where he helps his clients boost productivity and performance so they can scale their results in life and in business.

He is a certified high-performance coach, focused on helping Millennial digital marketers, entrepreneurs, and sales professionals.

Mike also understands the importance of a strong mind and strong body, and enjoys powerlifting.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Mike’s eye-opening (and game-changing) Consume vs Generate revelation, and… how it’s helped him in business and in podcasting. 2:00 
  • An almost never talked about reason why people suddenly become bored and quit listening to a podcast. (If you’re a podcaster, you’ll wanna hear this. – 2:50 
  • Tony’s amusing “uninvited guest” story. This character interrupted Tony’s podcast intro and then proceeded to troll him. – 3:40 
  •  Are you a high performer? Hear the brilliant definition of “high performance” at 4:20 and see. 
  • Tony and Mike swap war stories about getting their personal brands off the ground. – 5:00 
  • A classic Tupac quote you can use if any lamebrain follower tries to troll you and diss on your personal brand. 11:40 
  • How well-meaning people who love helping others, waste so much damn time. 15:00 
  • An honest, no B.S. way to kill your inner wimp and gain Rockstar-like confidence. (This is also taught by Tony’s uber-successful friend Ed Mylett. Hear this at 19:30) 
  • The totally misunderstood (and lousily taught) “Make Your Bed” success tip. (At 20:50 Mike eliminates the nonsense and unpacks this success tip in a crystal clear and inspiring way that will have you making your bed every morning like an U.S. marine.) 
  • A down-n-dirty lesson on how to create the habit of winning. – 21:30 
  • The counter-intuitive “I over I” philosophy that transformed Mike’s business. (If you’re in business just for the money, you probably won’t like this philosophy. – 24:00) 
  • A laughably simple (but very effective) way to complete any job you’re been putting off, no matter how difficult the job or how long you’ve been putting it off. – 26:00 
  • Tony and Mike rant about a certain branch of the personal development space that has more “flakes” than a box of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes. – 38:00 
  • How to avoid becoming a “seminar junkie” – 43:00 
  • The dangers of being a self-learner. – 46:50 
  • The criminally underrated ROI of masterminds. – 55:00 
  • Is it what you know or who you know? Hear Tony’s surprising take on this popular question. – 53:40 
Mike Szczesniak
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New York, NY
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The Results Engine – CEO & Head Coach
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