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Kareen Mills defines the word “Hustle” because of her relentless effort to make this world a better place. She is a business strategist and host of “Being Motherhustler” podcast, which was ranked in the Top 20 by Entrepreneur Magazine, for 2020.

She is a philanthropist and works tirelessly to help children, cancer victims, and those who grew up around domestic violence.

In this powerful episode, you’ll hear a beautiful story of a mother’s unconditional love.

Kareen shares her belief on why people have a midlife crisis. (It’s hard to disagree with this one! – 2:54)

• How building up a successful career can sometimes become a trap. – 6:00

Why Kareen’s children’s school threatened to call the police when she came to pick up her kids. (Hear this life-changing story at 8:30)

• Kareen compares how she (an immigrant) sees America to that of many folks she knows who were born in the U.S. – 14:00

Tony’s “piece of fruit” story that’s both heart-warming and eye-opening. (This happened while Tony was visiting Africa. – 16:00)

• A bizarre thing Kareen does when ordering food at a restaurant. (Hear what this strange behavior is and why she does this…17:40)

Karen’s emotional “stinky-ass chicken” story. I know this sounds funny, but trust me, if you have a pulse, this story will pull at your heartstrings. 19:50

• A positive thing Network marketers gain from the industry even if they never earn a single cracker. – 30:00

The secret to effortlessly cranking out exciting new content without ever getting writer’s block or being stuck for content ideas. (If your brain goes to porridge when you sit down to create content, then I’ll bet you dollars to donuts you’re not doing what Tony suggests at 35:30)

• Why most U.S. citizens who want to write a book but lack the confidence to do it, have no excuse. – 38:10

Tony and Kareen debunk the notion that to write a book, you must be a good writer. – 39:00

• Kareen gives a “writing tip” that is unsexy and seemingly vapid, yet if you take this to heart, your writing will improve drastically! – 39:55

The “Ivy League” trap that befalls many speakers and writers that renders their communication ineffective. (Hmm. Perhaps I just fell into it then. Hear this at 41:10)

• The curious reason why Tony’s glad his vocabulary has regressed over the last few years. – 42:15

Why Tony used to go to snack bars and ask for a “samwich”. – 48:00

• The single most “lamebrain excuse” for not having a job, ever! – 49:50

How creating a SMALLER audience can get you BIGGER profits! – 50:00

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