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Dr Natalia Wiechowski had what most would perceive as a perfect life. With a PhD in Philosophy, she led a highly paid career and worked for a great company. But on the inside, she wasn’t happy.

At twenty-nine, she quit her job and started from scratch.

During a nine-month sabbatical she changed the way she thought, spoke and acted. She committed to design her purposeful dream life and founded her company, Think Natalia.

Her obsession is “coachsulting” people who left corporate to do their own thing. She now helps people who want to build an international, sustainable and purposeful thought leadership personal brand on LinkedIn.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Why Natalia quit her cushy corporate job, left her friends, locked herself away and lived like a hermit for 9 months. – 2:00 
  • The car Natalia owned that made her go, “Ooooahhhh” – Hey, she said it! – 5:15
  • The ONLY two things that made Natalia happy during a time when she was miserable and hating her life. – 5:30 
  • Was Tony happier after he made his money or before? (Hear Tony’s eye-opening answer at 5:55
  • A little-talked about “addiction” that more people have than you would ever imagine. – 6:30 
  • A common way people lose their vitality and energy even though they eat well, exercise, and get good sleep. (Hear what this common “energy thief” is at 7:48)
  • Why your family and closest friends are often lying when they wish you success. (Hear this controversial information at 9:40) 
  • Tony’s brilliant “culling friends” methodology that instantly identifies the winners from the losers. (Listen up at 10:15)
  • Why people who are teachable and very “nice” often become miserable, or even worse – totally crack! – 14:55 
  • What people lose when they become unemployed that often leaves them depressed and feeling useless. This is what happened to Tony when he was 43 years old. (And no. It’s not confidence or money. Hear what this is at 17:00)
  • The “unusual” way Tony pulled himself out of a dark funk. This was back when Tony was unemployed and going crazy looking for a job every day on LinkedIn. (Hear what Tony did in his backyard to stop himself from REALLY losing it. You may not be able to do exactly what Tony did, but you sure can apply the same concept. – 17:20)
  • What the “Sunk Cost Fallacy” is, and how it can keep you stuck in a rut, thinking small, and living life on other people’s terms instead of your own. – 18:30 
  • The single biggest missing element in most content put online today that hurts engagement. (This is especially true of the content that’s on LinkedIn. Start injecting the element mentioned at 23:00 into all your content marketing and watch what happens.)
  • A clever thing Natalia did on LinkedIn that has given her a leg up on the competition. (Best part: This is something anyone can do. This is mentioned briefly, so listen carefully at exactly 23:07) 
  • Natalia’s “crash course” on how to make a post go viral on LinkedIn. (Natalia routinely gets hundreds of likes and comments on her posts and… many of them hit LinkedIn’s coveted Now Trending, to boot! In other words, Natalia knows whereof she speaks. – 23:50)
  • Natalia’s secret to creating “irresistible content” that even people with fruit-fly level attention spans will drop what they’re doing and pay attention to. – 24:00 
  • Why Natalia thinks content marketers should pay ZERO attention to what’s trending, and what you should do instead. –  25:00
  • A head-smackingly simple (but powerful) way to create content that nobody can steal or imitate. And if they try to, they’ll just look like copycats.  – 25:10 
  • How to always bang out highly engaging content even if you’re a raw newbie and have a dorky personality. Just do what Tony mentions at 26:00 and you can’t go wrong.
  • What Gary Vee said about LinkedIn that, if he’s right, is very good news for content creators. (Ol’ Gary boy’s been right a few times before, so I’d lean in at 27:18) 
  • A little-talked about benefit of marketing on LinkedIn that other platforms like Instagram and Facebook simply can’t match. – 28:00
  • Why most marketers who promote their business on Facebook and Instagram come off looking like carnival barkers. – 29:20
  • The “First Hour” secret to gaining the most attention and engagement humanly possible with your LinkedIn content. (Natalia learned this from a couple of ninja LinkedIn growth hackers. Hear this little-known secret at 31:35)
  • Natalia gives the full skinny on creating a LinkedIn profile that shines with credibility instead of one that “smacks” of amateurism. 
  • What people unwittingly leave off their LinkedIn profile that almost guarantees people who visit their profile quickly click away and never return. – 34:28
  • How your high-falutin’ expert status and list of fancy credentials could be hurting your LinkedIn profile. Full story at 37:00 
  • A sneaky way to use people’s egos and “need to be heard” to boost your LinkedIn content. – 38:50
  • Natalia’s embarrassing ToastMasters story that will make you cringe, laugh and feel inspired. – 42:40 
  • Are great speakers born or made? At 46:00 Tony drops science on the topic. Insightful stuff.
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