Stop wasting people’s time with meetings!
Meetings aren’t intended to be a social gathering for lonely office workers.
Meetings aren’t useful for trying to be a public speaker. Find a real stage if you like sharing your message.
Meetings don’t exist for you to showcase your boring slideshow or report, which only you care about.
Meetings aren’t meant to be held, just to propose another upcoming meeting.
If you would like your company, department, or team to achieve higher performance this year; Let them work.
Meetings should only be attended by decision-makers and key stakeholders relevant to the topic, not spectators.
Meetings should only be held for these topics:
1. To arrive at a decision, once all available information is presented by a team.
2. To create a plan, but only if team input is required.
3. To solve a problem or emergency, but only if team input is required.
Make some rules for meetings:
“No agenda, no time management? No meeting.”
“No decision to be made? No meeting.”
“If this can be communicated via email or phone, no meeting.”
Make this year more productive. Everyone hates wasting time in unnecessary meetings. Make every meeting count!