We simply outgrow some people 😲

Those of us who choose a lifelong journey of self-improvement and creating impact, will be met with this realization.

In our quest for more knowledge, fitness, and success, we will meet thousands of people who don’t understand us.

They may be nice people, but their subconscious programming will prohibit them from understanding your growth perspective.

These people are those who have become complacent within their own lives. Living on repeat for decades. Stuck in a dull routine. Going through the motions. They are the same people they were a year ago, maybe even a decade ago.

Many of these people reached some level of comfortable financial status that they never dreamed possible for themselves. So, they figure they’ve “made it” and they no longer take on challenge.

The hard truth is that most people like this cannot stand to see others continually climb. Even if they throw you the occasional golf-clap or post like.

It isn’t you that they dislike. It is themselves. They know they are falling short in at least one major area of their own lives, whether that is financial, fitness, mindset, relationships, education, or world experiences.

When they see you growing, improving, and doing what you say you will do, it makes them resent you through their fake smiles.

Your bright light gets brighter. That same light starts to illuminate the insecurities within them, which they prefer to keep in the dark. It is easier to criticize or ridicule you, in hopes of bringing you down, so they don’t have to grow along with you.

The passive-aggressive comments start to appear:

“Must be nice.”
“That’s easy for you to say.”
“I wish I was that lucky.”
“You are too old to dress like that.”

Those with low self-worth will label you with words such as “narcissist” or “snob”. They will namedrop around you. They will one-up your stories, or humble-brag about their possessions.

The jealous will always challenge you, even if they agree with you. They seek your attention, but do so negatively in hopes to create a higher status for themselves, at your expense.

The lazy will make fun of your gym check-in posts.

The uneducated will smirk about the books you read, or the education courses you signed up for.

The obscure and unknown will roll their eyes any time you get public attention.

The miserable and unhappy will do whatever they can to bring down your level of joy.

Be aware of these things.

Be grateful when someone shows you who they truly are.

Keep climbing. There are always better and more supportive people to be found along your journey.