The problem with the personal development industry 😮

We need less pep-talks, and more step talks.

Motivational memes and feel-good speeches are certainly appealing to consumers that first step into this space.

I get it, I’ve been enticed by them before.

The problem is that these do zero to help someone improve their own situation.

Motivation is temporary. People run out of it and they go seeking another hit of it, just like crack.

It’s a distraction from taking action.

Successful people execute even when they don’t feel motivated. They are goal driven or purpose driven, not emotionally driven.

There are too many people wanting to enter the field of personal development, positioning themselves as motivational speakers and thought leaders.

We really need more proven experts to learn from. Experts who have accomplished actual results.

We need actual strategies, tactics, and steps to climb past our own challenges.

We need leaders who live by example.

We need more teachers who have achieved before they taught, rather than those teaching before they’ve achieved.