This facebook post I created received a tremendous reaction. It is an important topic, so I want to take a moment to help you get past it.

We unfortunately live with this belief because we observe it happening to us during the course of our lives. It comes in cycles, and never really disappears. Humans are humans.

We remember the many times we’ve been taken advantage of. Betrayed, back-stabbed, and let down.

We’ve felt the sting of ridicule and passive-aggressive negativity from supposed “friends” and family.

We’ve hoped for support from them, only to find sabotage actually occurred.

We can’t fix those negative people. Don’t even try.

Instead, we must understand why they act like they do. Once we understand where it comes from, we are able to process it and react accordingly.

Hurt people subconsciously choose to hurt other people. It becomes their natural reaction.

Think about it for a moment. Nobody who is genuinely happy and fulfilled in life, will spare a single second to bring someone else down. Happy people want to make others happy, period.

Those negative people and their fixed mindsets simply aren’t aware. They see someone else climbing in success and improving, and they subconsciously believe there is somehow less success available for them. They don’t realize that there is no shortage of success and happiness in this world.

These critics, naysayers, and haters operate within a scarcity mindset. Many of them walk around with false armor, pretending to be happier and more successful than they are.

All of them are just insecure, have self-doubt, and know that something is lacking in their lives. That makes them no different from the rest of us. The difference is that some of us choose to improve and support others, while others choose a life of complacency and comfort, and would rather bring others down, rather than climb higher for themselves.

When you start to take those steps to improve and begin to shine brighter and brighter… that light puts a spotlight on the things they know they are failing at. They don’t like that feeling. They want to do things to dim your shine. For them, it is easier than trying to fix the things that bother them.

So the next time someone tries to take you down a notch, laugh at your ideas and dreams, ridicule you, gang up on you, humiliate you, or insult you… realize that it is just them, not you.

That is their subconscious lack of self-worth speaking for them, their low self-esteem. That is their insecurities and complacency speaking in their behalf. That is them projecting their flaws onto you.

When you are doing positive things in this world, you will inspire so many more people. They may not say much, as they tend to be less vocal than the critic.

Just remember that your silent supporters are a vast majority of those you interact with. Critics tend to be a small, overly-vocal minority. Critics also tend to hang out with other critics, because they feel too small as an individual on their own.

Critics don’t have the courage to do what you are doing. Critics will never step into the same arena. They hang out in the cheap seats, with the rest of the spectators in life.

Keep going 🔥