Internet marketers ignore the obvious truth about their success. 😮

How many times have you seen one of your favorite marketers make a post telling you how they earned 100K in a week, or maybe even a million on a launch?

The good ones aren’t lying about their result. I’ve even earned over 100K in a week during a program launch, and I’m not a celebrity.

It’s not easy to achieve results like this. It’s actually a rare exception, even if these marketers make it appear easy to do or duplicate.

The part they conveniently skip past, is the requirement to have a sizable audience or following, first. It’s relatively predictable to earn a six or seven figure launch, if you’ve built a legit six or seven figure following or community.

Most of you don’t have the audience or following. You can’t skip that part. Even if you buy their courses and learn their course/program launch tactics, you’d be lucky to earn a grand, without the audience.

So the real challenge becomes “How do I build an audience or followers?”

The answer to that question isn’t desirable or easy. Most of you are too impatient to do the work, consistently over YEARS to create that result. Your impatience has you quitting or pivoting after only a few months.

Then you fall into the trap of buying fake followers to appear bigger than you are. That only further dilutes your message, because now even fewer of your legit audience will see your content.

Many of you join groups, hoping you can use those groups as your own audience. That doesn’t work. So you join other groups and keep trying to do the same thing, semi-spamming the groups and trying to be clever with your self-promo posts. People are smarter than you think, they see right through it.

There are specific skill sets you should focus on, if you want to become a leader or become more influential. Communication skills. Active listening. Power and positioning tactics. Becoming more bold with your thoughts and words, and so on. Quit playing middle-of-the-road and trying to make people like you.

Understand that six and seven figure weeks actually require years of effort and improvement to achieve that result. It isn’t as easy as these marketers try to make you believe. The results they get have taken years to achieve.