Before I started sharing my thoughts, people only knew my cars.😔

That wasn’t real influence. It was one-dimensional. Shallow.

I didn’t grow up with money. For decades of my life, I had low self-esteem and felt I had to always prove myself. I used to feel I wasn’t worthy of having what I do, now. Perhaps I had gotten lucky?

Too many of us define our self-worth based on our possessions and accomplishments. Even though we know we do it, we conjure up some denial about doing so.

I knew I had a story inside me to share. I believed I wasn’t good enough to share it, unfortunately. I knew I’d be criticized and judged when I eventually stepped into the spotlight. I was correct, those people appeared.

But, I have zero regrets.

I no longer allow my cars to define my self worth. I quit hanging around people who value material items more than integrity and character. Those other low self-esteemed who try to 1-up me, and bring me down.

If you want to build real influence and find your true audience and support base, you must start letting people know who YOU are. Not just about what you OWN.

This photo was my driveway in 2009. Ten years ago! I was great at taking photos, but too much of a coward to stand in front of the camera.

Life is much better, happier, and fulfilled nowadays. 🧡