Jason Starbuck shares his journey from running e-commerce stores to living in Thailand, competing in Muay Thai, and creating his current business MOVD – Entrepreneur Evolved. He emphasizes the importance of micro-actions in physical, mindset, and personal business areas to achieve success as an entrepreneur.

Over the last 14 years, Jason Starbuck has created multiple web developments, owned 7 e-commerce stores, traveled to 13 countries, built a highly efficient call center, hired over 350 employees across multiple continents, and has generated millions of dollars through lead gen and e-commerce.

Jason decided to create MOVD to help other entrepreneurs evolve and grow in all areas of life. Having money and material items alone will not bring fulfillment and happiness. All too often, people sacrifice their body, health, relationships, and peace for money, and then at some point realize it wasn’t worth it. Achieving peace, fulfillment, and happiness are ultimately the most important things in our lives, and that can be done through finding a balance while at the same time, having a very successful business and income that brings financial freedom.

In this episode, Jason and Tony talk about their realization that so many people skip over important aspects of life in their pursuit of money. Pick up a fun hobby, prioritize important relationships, have a fitness routine, set boundaries with others, and keep promises to yourself. In today’s world, so many people walk around in a very stressed state, and we need to examine why. Money is not worth your peace, so tune in to hear how to achieve a more balanced life through micro-actions that build momentum.

Quotes from the episode:

“Create boundaries, learn to say no, and guard your happiness. Saying yes to everything means saying no to yourself.”

“Money does not buy happiness, and there are too many people out there focusing on the financial things and thinking that, hey, I’m unhappy, I’m depressed. Focusing on peacefulness, fulfillment, happiness – these are the most important things in my life nowadays. Health is the number one priority.”

Key highlights:

  • Why Jason created his business MOVD
  • How physical fitness rewires our brain and makes us successful in other areas
  • Why you need a micro-action system in 3 areas: physical, mindset, and personal business
  • What Jason learned from Martial Arts and living in Thailand
  • Examining our stress and finding peace and fulfillment
  • Creating boundaries and learning to say no
  • The importance of doing things just for fun
  • Why people criticize others
  • The fitness side of entrepreneurship
  • Tony’s mindset hack for consistent exercise

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