Five tips for my fellow coaches and consultants. 😎

1. Nobody will hire someone that has more perceived issues than they do. Control your craziness, meltdowns, and drama. It doesn’t serve you. There is a fine line between being vulnerable online, and oversharing.

2. You’ll never gain clients by shaming or guilting them into becoming your clients. Look, I get it; It seems cool nowadays to be the “blunt, tough-love” messenger. Everyone wants to be Andy Frisella, without Andy’s years of work to build his brand, and his results. I’m very direct, but I also know there are a few ways to relay the same message. Ask yourself if your post shames and pushes people away, or if it encourages them to improve. I see a lot of fitness coaches failing this awareness.

3. Not gaining clients? Your consistency likely sucks. Your accountability likely has limited evidence to be found. Your discipline is lacking in glaringly obvious aspects of your life. Coaching is a full-time career, yet some of you seem to believe part-time consistency, part-time discipline, part-time content creation is going to attract clients who want to improve their accountability, discipline, and skills.

4. Great coaches live and lead by example, and demonstrate results in what they offer to help others with. Too many people want to coach something, before they’ve achieved results in something. A personal branding coach should have an established personal brand. A life coach should have a successful dream life that people aspire to achieve. A business coach should have built/managed a successful business. A fitness coach should appear fit and strong. A public speaking coach should have spoken on many stages. A mindset coach better have achieved at high levels of competition or overcome adversity.

5. If you are using the internet to market yourself, don’t cheap out on your website and personal branding. Nothing screams amateur like a beginner level do-it-yourself website, or phone selfies as your headshot images. Professional headshot photos cost less than $500 and last for years. A professionally designed website only costs $3K-5K on average. If you can’t afford that, I wouldn’t hire you to coach me at anything. It’s a very low investment that instantly places you above the majority you’ll be compared with. Unless you have experience building professional websites, hire someone, because we can tell when you cut corners.

I hope this helps you. I want to see you win. 😘