$154 Million & Why it Bothers You.😡

It’s Monday morning, and people are preparing for another day at work. For just about everyone else in this world, that means going to a job that pays much, much less than the deal LeBron James just signed with the Lakers. $154MM over 4 years.

So, the Facebook feed is buzzing with this discussion, with the vast majority of people trying to tell us LeBron isn’t worth it. That nobody is worth that.

Why does it eat people up to see other people earning so much more than they could even dream about? More than people will earn over an entire lifetime. They know how hard they have to work, just to have a tiny fraction of the dollar amount that just showed up for James.

It is the scarcity mindset that makes people think this way. The same thing that makes people think that if someone else gains more success, then somehow they lose some piece of potential success for themselves. They want to compare their own situation with these superstars, rather than understand that there is no relationship.

They want to talk about how some more important occupations are so severely underpaid, and how this isn’t fair. LeBron could have chosen to become a fireman. A teacher. Life certainly isn’t fair, but not everyone makes the best choices to arrive at some mega-salary that was within their own potential. LeBron simply did.

Here is the hard truth about this subject. The market determines your worth. These are business transactions, not favoritism or “being fair”. The company, the LA Lakers in this case, has determined what they feel they will earn from having James on their team. They wanted the best player in the NBA, because they obviously feel he will bring them much, much more profit than what his paycheck costs them. It really is this simple. It is no different than what your current company values you at, and what the industry determines you are worth. Your current job, or the business you own, all have prices set on supply vs demand.

I’ll never speak negatively on what someone has carved out for themselves, what they have earned. The market determines that. I applaud anyone that pursues their potential. There is plenty of success to go around, where I don’t have to be concerned with the success of others. I want each of you to earn up to your potential, and I’ll be happy to see you succeed.

So, you don’t have to like LeBron James. You don’t even have to respect him. But, you shouldn’t hold onto that scarcity mindset. It will never serve you well, in life. Go get yours!