10 life rules to share, which I’ve learned from making mistakes. 😮

1. Never assume other people think how you think, believe what you believe, or know what you know.

2. Very few people want to be a leader. Most just want the paycheck and job title associated with being a leader. True leaders lead regardless of job title or position, even when it isn’t their duty to do so. Don’t promote people based on performance within supporting roles, unless they’ve also demonstrated they continuously lead others.

3. Never take financial or investment advice from someone with less net worth than you have. They may know what to say, but they may not know how to play the game.

4. Do not waste another minute in any relationship with someone who does not support or believe in you. It’s better to be alone than to carry an anchor on your back.

5. Call your shots and utilize external accountability from others to complete your daily, weekly, and yearly goals. There is no “hustle hard in silence” until you’ve demonstrated amazing results and proven discipline. Most people keep quiet so that they can simply fail in silence, to avoid having other know about their failures. Don’t you want to achieve goals, instead?

6. Hang around with a bunch of divorced people, and you’ll likely end up divorced, too. That mindset is contagious, and I’ve seen this play out too many times to count. Hang around with people who gossip, and they will gossip about you when you aren’t around.

7. The ultimate key to happiness is simple. Control access to your mind. Stop watching the news, which is just manipulative propaganda intended to stir up negative emotions. Unsubscribe and unfollow all news media, and unfriend or unfollow people that keep sharing the atrocious news headline articles. You control what you see and read, nobody else.

8. Most people define their self worth, or worse; Their ceiling of potential, based on a snapshot of their current salary, profession, or income level. We are conditioned to believe the levels of society exist, and that we must fit in, somewhere. This is all imaginary. Your potential is endless and has no limit. The only limit is what you believe for yourself; or what others have told you about your limits.

9. Broken, insecure, envious mindsets exist within the entire spectrum of social and financial standings. As you earn more and surround yourself with others earning more, you’ll discover that these negative mindsets aren’t something that you graduate from, or earn enough to outgrow from. Victim and fixed mindset people exist everywhere, at every income level. Avoid those people, they tend to run in groups.

10. Most will never achieve what they truly want, because most will never sacrifice something they truly love, in order to move backwards. Sometimes the correct move is to move backwards momentarily, regroup, and redirect focus. Scarcity mindset causes people to hold on to what they possess with a death-grip. Your material possessions, career, lifestyle, perceived status, distracting or expensive hobbies, etc… It’s easy to give up things you don’t really care about, but nearly impossible for most to give up things they truly love and enjoy; even if the sacrifice is short-term and leads them to their dream life.

-Tony Whatley