Want To Become A Speaker? 🤩

Several of you have a desire to become a public speaker. You have an excellent story or message you want to share with the world.

You want to impact people. You want to build influence or fame.

You love the adrenaline rush of doing something that most people rank a higher fear than death, itself.

You probably know that public speakers have the potential to earn more per hour than any other profession, outside of pro sports. Most professional speakers earn $5,000 – $150,000 per hour on stage.🤯

But here comes the hard truth, as you should always expect from me.

You need to be honest with your skill set as a speaker.

Too many believe “public speaking” is just about having the occasional courage to stand in front of people and speak.

That isn’t even close to what is considered skill in public speaking.

Millions of people have that occasional courage to speak in front of people. Millions of people also do a poor job of engaging their audience, or boring them enough to go take a piss break.

Having the courage to stand in front of people isn’t public speaking. That is just one small component of public speaking.

If you want to master this craft, you must first respect your audience. They are there to watch you and listen to your speech. They are donating their most valuable asset, time, to listen to you.

This means that you should honor them by having invested in yourself, before you took that stage. You should have put in some serious hours to hone your craft and skills, before thinking you deserve to stand in front of them.

Despite what you believe, your personal success story isn’t enough to warrant standing on a stage. You haven’t invested in yourself as a speaker, yet.

Did you study, learn, and practice the skills to effectively deliver your message in an engaging and entertaining manner?

Have you learned how create an energy transfer from you to every member in your audience?

Are you solid on your form, stage presence and motion, eye contact, and hand gestures?

Have you extended your vocal range and speak outside of a boring monotone, mono-volume, mono-speed, mono-cadence level?

Have you raised enough awareness of your spoken words to quit saying “um” “uh” “sooo” “like” and other annoying distracting words that make you appear less confident, less certain, or under-prepared?

Have you figured out how to weave vivid story details into your speech format, so that you bring your audience on an emotional roller-coaster and journey?

Are you investing in yourself to reach those levels? Are you investing in speech training, Toastmasters, speaker coaches, studying the greatest speakers?

And finally, are you putting in the reps to practice? Are you recording hundreds of videos to practice your speaking skills as you learn them? Are you volunteering to speak at events? Are you always striving to improve?

If you want to become a speaker, start doing what it takes. Don’t fool yourself into thinking this is just about standing in front of people. That’s the easy part. 🔥