I would not want to be President of The United States.

Why would anyone want to be the leader of a broken government?

The President takes the blame for all the negativity that comes as a result of government failures, interference, or actions.

The President never receives acknowledgement for the good results. People demand those results, anyways.

The President has no authority over the major problem that exists within our government; Our Congress.

Congress consists of 535 elected people, who are more interested in voting based on political party, rather than on what is good for the country.

The two-party political system is broken. People in Congress vote based on party to keep their own jobs, rather than represent the needs of the country.

It requires zero logic, zero ideas, zero individual leadership to simply vote red or blue. These Congress members simply do what their party leaders tell them to do, or else.

Members of Congress earn less than $200K per year salary, but exit as multi-millionaires. They often get away with bribery, insider trading, extortion, and other felonies.

So we have 535 people living well above their salaried means, getting special privileges above and beyond normal citizens, earning millions from side-hustles while claiming no conflicts of interest… and the President takes all the blame for their actions, and inaction.

This country needs Congress member term limits, just like the President. No more lifetime politicians, period.

This country needs to do away with the two-party politics, and to adopt the process of voting on politicians as individuals; by judging their unique character, ideas, and core values.

But, we know this will never happen. Those in control enjoy their money trails. They love the games they have created.

Who would want to be the President of that bullshit? Not me.

I’ll be over here teaching millions of people how to succeed, regardless of who sits in the White House.