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Brent Tieri is a doctor of chiropractic, entrepreneur, business consultant, former All-American athlete, ultramarathon runner, husband, father and podcast host.

After building 2 successful wellness clinics, Brent realized that the success he had been chasing wasn’t really success at all. The message that he needed to be constantly working and grinding to get ahead left him overworked and unfulfilled. He realized that the “hustle and grind” mentality was leading to high levels of financial and business achievement, but often leaving individuals broken when it came to their health, relationships, spirituality, and overall sense of well-being.

Brent launched the Life Outside the Hustle podcast and the Life Outside the Hustle Academy, to help high achievers create “fulfillment driven success”, encouraging growth not only in business and finances, but also in all aspects of their life.

Brent Tieri
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Minneapolis, MN
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Life Outside the Hustle/Total Spine Health and Injury Center, Owner
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