The year 2000. That was the year my son was born. It was the only good thing that happened that year.

When this photo was taken, I was still struggling. I was in a failed relationship with my son’s mother. We were never married.

I was depressed, and sort of drifted through each day. I hated to wake up each morning, because reality would set in. I had bigger dreams, but they seemed impossible. My life was a dreadful routine, going through the motions.

I felt that my life was out of my own control. I was merely reacting to it, instead of planning it out.

I was working three jobs, trying to recover from being unemployed for six months. I had a low-paying salary job, I waited tables 7 nights a week, and I worked on cars on the weekend days.

I had creditors calling me daily, and could barely pay the credit card minimums. I had to have my debts consolidated and the rates minimized. This ruined my credit for years. I had to learn to live without credit.

In 2001, I decided that I was going to take control over my life. I would no longer tolerate mediocrity. I put aside the excuses.

I read books and taught myself to code HTML and build websites. How to shoot photography. How to write copy. How to do graphic design on Photoshop. I read books on business. I didn’t have “free time”, I studied daily.

In 2001, I started my first company, LS1Tech, for $350 in software costs. I was still working those three jobs, even two years after starting that business. Few knew this.

Many people only saw the results from that business. The millions it created. The scale that it grew to. They probably thought my life looked pretty easy. They probably assumed I always had success.

If you are going through hard times, you need to understand one thing. Outside of acts of God, your situation is your fault. Until you can accept the blame, you cannot resolve the problem. The life you live today, is a direct result of the decisions you made years ago.

The future life you desire to live, is based on the decisions and actions that you take today.🧡