I had an average childhood. I grew up in a small home, on a small street, in a small suburb town near Houston. Japanese immigrant mom, US Marine Vietnam veteran dad.

I was average at sports but had above average grades for being in sports. I’ve always enjoyed learning things, applying what I learned, and being tested.

I had a neighborhood bully in grade school that would torment me and call me all sorts of Asian race-related words, and would sometimes beat me up or push me off my bike while I was riding past his house. I didn’t retaliate until 7th grade. Then he left me alone.

There were numerous cute girls I had crushes on, who wouldn’t give me the time of day. I was shy around them. I recall the sting of asking them to school dances and being turned down. I don’t regret asking, however.

I was never voted “Most likely to succeed.” Hell, I was never voted for anything. I sort of just blended in. I was likeable, and got along with nearly everyone. I just never considered myself “popular” like some of the others who always garnered attention and adoration.

Not much of my childhood applies to my current life, but there are still a few things I can look back on that remain unchanged.

I’ve always had discipline, determination, and patience to learn new skills and pursue mastery in the the subjects and activities I love. In my life, this has applied to skateboarding, billiards, art, photography, racing cars, writing, leadership, engineering, money, business, relationships. I’ve never put in half effort when it comes to things I enjoy.

I’ve always been curious and inquisitive. I ask questions from those who know more than I do. I study videos, read endless books, join coaching groups, hire mentors. I do crazy amounts of research in subjects that interest me. I question everything, especially subjects where I’m being told what to do. I hate being told what to do.

I’ve always been an adrenaline addict. I used to want to be a stuntman, fighter pilot, or race car driver. I enjoyed martial arts, full-contact sports, BMX, skateboarding, roller hockey, wrestling, bar fights, racing over 200 mph. I’ve always had a desire for living on the edge, or way past the edge. I’ve learned to control my violent side, but it’s still inside me. I love taking risks.

Here’s the thing; You can lead an average life, or you can do things that inspire you, challenge you, and force yourself to evolve and improve. It’s your choice. Just because you may have had an average childhood, an average adulthood up until now, it doesn’t mean you have to continue on that same, predictable path.

Do something. This isn’t a practice life. That timer isn’t going to pause for you. Live at wide open throttle. 🤩