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Tony Whatley reviews 2019 from a business and personal perspective. What did I achieve? What lessons did I learn? What does the future hold? Which were the Top-5 most downloaded episodes?

Thank you for listening to the 365 Driven podcast. I love bringing value to you, and look forward to hearing from you!

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How people who have the charisma of a coma patient and the awkwardness of Elmer Fudd can still become good public speakers. – 25:00
  • The “1-second phone test” that can help you create a social network that contains only the very highest quality of people. – 20:36
  • Why social media algorithms tend to favor the accounts of people who have attended ToastMasters. (I know this sounds strange, but it’s true. Hear why this is the case at 26:35)
  • The little-known (probably not for long) high-level business syndicate that’s quickly becoming the most coveted and most talked about movement in the entrepreneurial space. (In April 2019, Tony applied to join this high-level syndicate along with 31,000 other applicants. In June 2019 the two leaders of this elite group selected only 120 out of the 31,000 applicants to join their heavily vetted fold. Was Tony one of those 120? Well, you’ll hear the full story at 2:20)
  • Tony’s most favorite word. (This explains a LOT about the man. You’ll see. – 32:00)
  • The curious reason why Tony coached a bunch of clients for an entire year without charging them a single penny. In fact, doing this cost him money! (Pay attention… there’s a powerful business lesson here – 15:48)
  • A 12-word sentence that can help you identify all the “deadwood” in your social network that need to be axed. (Hear this ruthless but necessary information at 20:00)
  • How Tony got to hang out with “The Boss” at the FM 91.1 radio show in Houston. (Ah, no. It’s wasn’t Bruce Springsteen, but it was still cool, nonetheless. – 18:29)
  • Tony’s quickie “crash course” on public speaking that can make you look like a pro instead of a bumbling buffoon. – 14:32
  • A screamin’ good insight into Tony’s “mindset” that has helped him consistently kick ass in life and business. (If you adopt this mindset described at 15:30, I’m sure it will help you, too.)
  • Tony’s “ABC” success formula. (Don’t get too excited. The ABC formula may be “caveman” simple in theory, but it’s hard as hell to perform. You’ll see. – 14:41)
  • A disturbing fact: the U.S. suicide rate is at its highest since World War II. (Furthermore, teen suicides are increasing much faster than all other age groups. At 10:35 Tony talks about what he’s personally doing to help with this serious health and social problem and reveals what the experts say is largely to blame for this alarming rise in teen suicide.)
  • Thinking of hosting or organizing a live event or seminar? (You may want to hold off doing so until you hear what Tony mentions at 10:15 – Priceless information!)
  • Tony’s personal brand breakthrough that has put a “pep” in his step. (This happened back in October, and guess what? This was caught on film so you can potentially watch it. – Hear the full scoop at 12:20)
  • Why social media algorithms tend to favor the accounts of people who have attended ToastMasters. (I know, this sounds strange but it’s true. Hear why this is the case at 26:35)
  • A little-talked about difference between winners and losers that reveals itself when people spend their hard earned. – 34:40
  • The “Death Grip” mindset that makes people approach life like scared puppies, cowering in the corner, terrified to make a move or take any risks. (Sadly, a lot of folks have this dangerous mindset described at 37:00 Hopefully YOU’RE not one them!)
  • A silly (and arrogant) assumption many successful business people make when starting to build their personal brand on social media that (1) leaves them eating humble pie, and (2) makes them last about as long as Chris Christie on a treadmill. – 30:00
  • The “insane” club Tony recently joined that will make you wince. – 39:54
  • What Tony plans on doing in 2020 that could potentially make you mucho dinero. Listen up at 43:18
  • Tony’s “Learn-n-Burn” secret to gaining bigger muscles and a razor-sharp mind. (Hear his secret at 40:10 – Yeah, baby!)
  • Why Tony and his wife “intentionally” offended certain people in their social network. (Don’t worry, this is not as bad as it sounds. Full story at 20:00)
  • What “Motivation Obesity” is, and why most online coaches today need to go on a motivation diet! – 23:00
  • The single biggest (and scariest) oversight of many new speakers and coaches who are selling their wares online that almost makes them no different than a con artist.
  • The “Premature Coach” phenomena. (This disturbing phenomenon has many people blindly following coaches who are full of piss and vinegar and very little else.  – 23:50)
  • What all of Tony’s clients lose after being coached one-on-one by him that helps snowball their success. (They lose so many of these when getting coached by Tony they virtually have none left. Not surprisingly, all highly successful people have very few of these also. – 17:25)
  • The laughably simple “Hey Guys!” marketing method that catapulted Tony’s audio version of his SideHustle Millionaire book to #1 bestseller!
  • The Shark Tank star who was lucky enough to share a stage with Tony Whatley (Hear this at 9:10)
  • The high-powered businessman’s house that made Tony feel unsuccessful and broke. (This 9 and 10-figure business owner is a true baller and his lake house in Idaho takes the breath away of even the most successful people on the planet! – 3:00)