I see a lot of you copying the caption style that Alex Hormozi uses. I hate to inform you, but your caption style isn’t why your content isn’t trending like his. 😭

It’s a combination of several things that have placed the Hormozi’s as the fastest growing business influencers in 2022.

First, he and his wife Leila Hormozi have established proven business results. The couple has exited companies in the 8-figures, and built a portfolio of joint ventures and equity partnerships up to over $100M annual revenue. People take advice from those who’ve achieved things.

They are also very articulate and intelligent, combined with certainty behind their message. Rather than repeating what others say, they both speak from their own personal experience.

Alex’ appearance also breaks the traditional “look” of multi-millionaire business owners. He dresses like the gym bro that he’s always been. He doesn’t try to look like other people in the space. Plaid, muscles, tank tops, Crocs, jean jorts, and a scruffy beard. He just owns who he is, while most try to emulate others.

The other reason you perceive them as “blowing up” is because they both spend nearly $100K per month on their content creation team. They drop several videos daily, on every platform. You don’t have the budget to compete at that level.

Lose the copycat captions. If that’s the reason you believe your content is struggling, hopefully I saved you some time and money.

Just focus on:
1) Create measurable results and success in what you wish to be known for.
2) Be yourself. The best version of you, not some watered-down version of someone else.
3) Create content with consistency and quality, over long periods of time. This means years, not weeks.

You cannot skip steps!