I never planned to be in movies, on TV, or to be a public speaker. 😮

Only a few years ago, I avoided situations where I’d be on camera or in videos. I also had stage fright about speaking in front of audiences I didn’t know.

I built a very comfortable, successful life without being in any spotlight. It was easier that way. I convinced myself that I could be happy being the MVP in the background. Hiding behind my company logos.

I shared many of the same excuses that you probably do. I didn’t “need” to put myself out there. I was “too busy”. People that did so “have big egos, or are narcissists.”

But the real hard truth is that I didn’t have the confidence to be on stages or cameras. I wasn’t living up to my own standards, especially the standards I judged others by.

I pursued money and material possessions and sacrificed time with people that matter most. I was out of shape. I still allowed the news headlines to control my emotions. My positive impact range only reached a handful of people around me.

On a deeper level, I have a skin condition known as Vitiligo. I’m covered head to toe with white spots. I had bullies in jr high that would make fun of how I looked. So, I learned to avoid situations that were based on appearances.

At some point in your life, your purpose will hopefully become much stronger than your fears. It took a near-death experience for me to realize it was just my own fear that was holding me back.

Here’s the thing you need to understand about your fears; You will have critics. You will have haters. You will have naysayers. There’s no avoiding them.

It becomes your duty to improve yourself daily, in all areas. Once you’ve become someone that lives and leads by example, with a strong enough purpose, then the words of those critics won’t matter.

This isn’t an easy journey. But neither is continuing to hide in the shadows, and never realizing your full potential.