Each Mastermind group consists of 68 exceptional people who desire to challenge and improve themselves, as well as grow their business.

I appreciate your interest in participating in this program. Due to the limited size of this group, I ask that each candidate apply to join. It is my goal to select members who will be a great fit for the entire group, as a whole. The form below will add you to the waitlist, to be notified when enrollment opens.

Here are some details about this program.

  • Duration of 12 months
  • Meeting times will vary for each group
  • Meeting duration has historically averaged 4-5 hrs per month
  • Private access to me via email / phone for quick advice
  • Private online group for communications
  • Expect to be pushed and held accountable
  • There will be competitive aspects within the group
  • Be willing to give more than you ask of others
  • We cover the topics of business, mindset, health, and relationships

Apply by completing the form at the bottom of this page.

Client Reviews

Please complete this form to join the waitlist. We will notify you when enrollment opens up.

It is important that you respond to these questions honestly, and not sugar-coat anything. I need to understand where you are at.