Happiness should never be sacrificed.

Most people take time for granted, until they are faced with an event or diagnosis that presents them with limited time remaining.

I tend to surround myself with other highly-driven people, who strive to achieve success. I’ve never been one to tolerate excuses from myself, or others.

In our pursuit of success, however we may define it, we sometimes make sacrifices and self-justify it as “paying our dues”. Sometimes it even comes across as self-punishment, whether physically or mentally.

Here’s the hard reality that nobody wants to discuss; Not everyone will become successful. Very few actually achieve the big goals that they set out to accomplish, in life. Many of those you perceive as winning today, will experience crashing downfalls only months later.

This is why happiness shouldn’t be part of your sacrifice to achieve success. If you are going to put in hard work, dedication, and consistency into achieving success – do something you genuinely enjoy doing. Something that is backed with your purpose that makes you happy.

If you don’t understand why, consider this; The worst regret of your lifetime may occur years down the road, once you’ve discovered your time is limited, and you haven’t come close to achieving your goals of success.

In that moment, will you look back on years and decades of doing something you loved doing, and were happy doing, even without the goals being achieved? Or will you look back on decades of unhappiness and misery, because you placed your goals above your happiness?

Have a happy day.