We get more of what we focus on. 😮

Some people focus on happiness and gratitude. They become happier and more grateful, as a result.

Some people focus on fear, doubt, and gloom. The unfortunate result is more of those subjects entering their lives.

The most difficult thing to escape is a victim mindset. It is often embedded deep within your subconscious mind, and it was installed there during your youth.

You received that programming from your parents, teachers, friends, and society. You absorbed the content as pure fact, simply because you had no baseline to compare facts against, at the time.

Perhaps you grew up being told you were shy, so now you believe it. And, you act this way as an adult.

Maybe you grew up being told you weren’t good enough. You believed that, too. You now accept it as part of your character.

You listened to your parents and other authority influences complain and blame everyone else for their own problems and situations. You adopted that mindset of blaming, too. It’s what you observed and learned.

The victim mindset is the hardest to break free from, because of how readily available there are for others with the same mindset to validate your victim mindset. They do this constantly.

During a low point within your thoughts, you’ll make a post on social media, proclaiming something about how your life isn’t fair. You’ll blame others for your situation, or blame others for your source of grief. You want to be heard. Validated.

What happens?

A flood of other victim mindset people arrive. They’ve been waiting in their own darkness, scanning the social media feed for their own negative validation. They reinforce your post because they share the same mindset.

The blame game compounds. It’s always someone, or some other group’s fault. You blame your misery, depression, unhappiness on other people.

What you fail to understand is that when you blame others for your unhappiness, you’ve also given them control over you. You’ve admitted that you do not control your own emotions or presence.

So, how do you get out of this victim mindset jail?

You must establish distance from those who reinforce your victim mindset, for their own selfish reasons. They will trap you with them forever. Avoid seeking validation from others in the same trap.

You must stop looking outward for your sources of misery and happiness, and focus inward within yourself. You are the true source of both happiness and misery. It is always your decision.

Begin taking 100% accountability and ownership for everything in your life. Your finances, your success, your relationships, your career. Everything.

Realize that your current situation is the result of decisions you made in the past. Realize that your future is based on decisions you make today. Rest easy, understanding that everything is within your own control. You shouldn’t want it any other way.

You get more of what you focus on. I hope to see you on the other side. 🧡