Zachary Babcock needs no introduction as he is a three-peat guest on the podcast and always has a powerful message to share. On this episode of the 365 Driven podcast, Tony and Zach discuss their frustrations with gurus in the personal development industry who have big egos that get in the way of being authentic, providing consistent value, and not getting caught up in always looking for the next shiny object. Tony and Zach share their own experiences with ego and self-awareness, emphasizing the importance of staying humble and true to your values.

Zach and Tony share their insight on how to evaluate influencers and spot scammers, and emphasize the importance of doing your own research on who you decide to listen to and pay attention to.

Zach shares his recent struggle with getting burnt out on making content when he realized it wasn’t aligned with who he is, and he dives into the importance of energy and intention when creating content. Zach and Tony discuss the importance of making ethical choices, the power of karma, and the dangers of buying fake followers.

Tune in to hear this engaging conversation about how to make sure you’re following the right people, and how to live a life of integrity.

Key highlights:

  • Quick recap on Zach’s story: He went to prison twice, was released in 2014, and completely turned his life around
  • Why Zach and Tony are anti-guru
  • Not letting your ego get the best of you
  • The significance of working on your past, traumas, and triggers
  • Tony’s perspective on social media: If you see it as a drain, that might be an indicator that you are following the wrong people
  • “Posturing” on social media and why you shouldn’t do it
  • Fake influencers and fake followers
  • Doing the right thing always: Karma is real
  • Don’t compromise on your values in the pursuit of money

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