In the business world, we hear a lot about the importance of SEO, but what exactly is it, and what do you need to know about it? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and learning the basics could mean much more eyes on your content, which means more sales without increasing your advertising. That is what Damon Burton breaks down for us in this episode.

Damon Burton is search engine marketing expert who has beat billion-dollar companies at their own game and has proven strategies to grow your business. Damon is a Forbes contributor and an Amazon best-selling SEO book author that helps you show up higher on Google, without paying for ads. His clients include the Utah Jazz’s Team Store and businesses that have been featured on Shark Tank and recognized by Inc.

In this episode of the 365 Driven podcast, Tony and Damon discuss the importance of SEO for online businesses. They cover topics such as website redesign pitfalls, the basics of SEO, and the significance of blogs as a doorway to a website. Damon explains the importance of website structure and content, as well as the role of AI in creating and repurposing content. Damon shares his expertise and offers actionable tips for improving website visibility. He also emphasizes the need to show personal individuality and authenticity in order to build a personal brand that people can relate to.

Key highlights:

  • Where is the best place to host your website?
  • What’s the deal with SEO plugins?
  • What goes into SEO?
  • Key pieces that most sites are lacking
  • Damon’s advice for someone that is just getting started with SEO
  • How to target people in a specific location
  • SEO for real estate agents
  • How to build a personal brand
  • Life lessons: learning and growing from your mistakes and other’s people’s mistakes

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