Don’t listen to them. Your business doesn’t have to be stressful. You don’t have to work insane hours and sacrifice what truly matters to you.

Sometimes you’ll see other business owners stand on their digital soapbox and try to talk down to you. They’ll say things like:

“You aren’t working as hard as me.”
“You aren’t sacrificing as much as me.”
“Your business model isn’t as great as mine.”
“I’m better at business because I have more employees than you.”
“My business is legit because I have a physical location.”
“I’m better than you because I do 7-figures, 8-figures, All-the-figures.”

In business, all of these lines are bullshit. They are usually sourced from their uncontrolled ego and insecurities.

I know this, because I’ve used a few of them in the past, when I was seeking external validation and approval. I grew up without money or social status, so I felt I had something to prove.

Back then I also mistakenly linked someone’s social status and self-worth with their net worth. If they are more successful, surely they rank higher on the imaginary human status scale, right?

Some of you are thinking “I’d never do that, I’m not like that. I treat everyone as equals.” But your subconscious still plays these stacking games, it’s how we were taught. It’s what we believe.

Need proof? When you meet someone new, there are often general questions asked.

“What’s your name?”
“Where are you from?”
“What do you do?”

Although these questions seem harmless (and boring), that last question is our passive attempt to categorize someone based on status. If someone responds they are a brain surgeon, you automatically elevate them in your mind. If they respond with a lower income career, you rank them lower in your status stack-up.

Well, these entrepreneurs that hit social media with their comparison phrases are doing the exact same thing. They are making an attempt to climb to a higher (to themselves) status by downplaying those who they think do less, struggle less, and sacrifice less.

In business, we each have our own desires. No answer is correct, or better than others. Some are fulfilled earning less than six figures, where others believe they require millions.

Struggle is a choice. Sacrifice is a choice. Spending time away from your family is a choice. Feeling stressed and anxious is a choice. Wanting more employees is a choice. Not having time or location freedom is a choice.

I’ve built online businesses. I’ve built physical location businesses. I’ve built teams and staff businesses. I’ve done retail. I’ve done services. Each model has its pros and cons. I don’t consider any of them “better” than the other. That’s because “better” changes, based on what you want your life to be, in this period of your life.

Nowadays I define my idea of a successful business based on a combination of things I value. I value time the most. Minimal time, maximum net profit. Minimal stress, maximum fulfillment.

I don’t care about other entrepreneurs with revenue humblebrags, because it doesn’t always portray their net profit, time sacrifices, family sacrifices, mental and physical health sacrifices… and more importantly; Their sacrifice of fulfilment and happiness in life.

You don’t need to justify your business choice to anyone. You simply need to decide what matters most to you, and build it for yourself.